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Exhibitions review: We Hold you Close and Monumental

Two exhibitions speak to a greater collective spirit: through installations and video displays.


Exhibition review: Neoteric

An exciting showcase of 20 mid-career South Australian artists.


Exhibition review: Blanche Tilden, Ripple Effect

This exhibition reinstates jewellery as a living artform, riding out a dance between the hand-made and the machine-made.


Exhibition review: Eucalyptusdom, Powerhouse Museum

An exhibition exploring both the museum's and Australia's relationship to the iconic gum tree.


Exhibition review: Solastalgia, Broadhurst gallery

Four Australian women artists explore the changes and disruptions of climate change.

The young Asia Businesswoman makes parcel for online studio business.
Career Advice

27 things I learned starting a new art business

How to turn old learnings from portfolio careers into new gains, when starting a studio-based business.

Career Advice

So you want my arts job: Ceramic artist

From love at first touch to building a full time career as a ceramic artist, Vipoo Srivilasa shared the passion…


Exhibition review: Presence of mind, Gallery Lane Cove

A showcase from a Buddhist community of artists.


Exhibition review: Undertow, Fremantle Arts Centre

A multi-disciplinary look at our relationship with water by eight storyteller-artists.


Exhibition Review: Looking Out/Back/In, AGWA

Interactive geometric design in playful response to the building's architecture.

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