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Eggs. Image is a woman in a sleeveless green dress and a book cover of a doughnut shaped object.

Book review: How To Order Eggs Sunny Side Up, Lisa Collyer

A debut collection of poetry that breaks down taboos about the state of women’s bodies and the state of the…

The Flirtation of Girls. Image is a book cover with a woman sitting in a patterned teacup as if it were a hip bath. On the left is an author head shot of a woman in a brown top and beige head scarf.

Book review: The Flirtation of Girls/Ghazal el-Banat, Sara M Saleh

A debut collection of poetry navigating the lives of Arab-Australian Muslim women.

Image shows love hearts and hands, a drawing by kindergarten and year 1 students at Gymea North Primary School, showing in Every Step Counts and responding to 'Respectful Relationships'

Kids' art and poetry exhibition at NSW Parliament House celebrates respectful relationships

Showcasing work by primary and secondary school students from 28 NSW public schools, the 'Every Step Counts' exhibition responds to…

Gunasekera. Production still from ‘You're So Brave’. Photo: Rama Dolman. The image shows a female figure holding a microphone in the centre against a stage with red light and two projector panels on each side.

Patrick Gunasekera and Georgi Ivers: two artists and their journeys in crip time

Care can come in the form of time, patience, flexibility and community engagement in a world that still poses so…


A slower, less transactional biennial for Adelaide

Prefacing the human condition, and the healing aspect of intimate spaces, the next edition of the Adelaide Biennial of Australia…


Book review: Chinese Fish, Grace Yee

A multi-voiced collection of poetry that canvasses a family's experiences of racism in New Zealand from the 1960s to the…


Iconoclastic and empowered: the new wave of Middle Eastern Australian women writers

MENA women writers are gaining momentum in major literary prizes and across the nation’s bookstores, but is this movement iconoclastic?


Book review: A Line in the Sand, Red Room Poetry

A sample of 20 years of Australian poetry is showcased in this wide-ranging anthology.

Radically rehumanising: Kate Larsen’s Public. Open. Space. 

Kate Larsen’s work radically rehumanises the institutions that shape our lives.


Magazine review: Meanjin Winter 2023, edited by Esther Anatolitis 

The intensity of this edition creates a real sense of urgency in the reader.

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