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NFT rights for artists and buyers

Intrigued by NFTs? A legal expert unveils complexities surrounding ownership, copyright and NFT royalties.


What regional theatre needs to thrive

We take a wide-ranging look at the challenges facing three North Queensland theatre companies, their inspiring and passionate leaders, and…


Site responsive biennale crosses ocean and sky

The Fremantle Biennale has commissioned more young WA artists than ever before.


Celebrating 40 years of Terrapin

Four decades on, Tasmania's beloved puppet company is thriving.


Crafts sector seek national policy

The uptake in craft and design is not reflected in revised policy.


Jane Austen: evergreen (i)con

Austen Con 21 returns with a hybrid live and digital model.


Australian theatre in crisis

The ecosystem of Australia’s performing arts sector is in dire need.

a diverse group of people on stage singing and having a good time

Reopening Sydney theatre COVID-safely

Hamilton and Come From Away are reopening in Sydney as part of NSW’s roadmap back from COVID. What can audiences…


Craft hobbies going viral

Celebrating International Craft Day on 15 October, ArtsHub brings you top craft hobbies that can immerse you in the joy…


Australia's newest regional gallery opens

Meaning belonging, Ngununggula is a creative hub long overdue for NSW's Southern Highlands.

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