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Book review: Good night, Vivienne, Goodnight, Steven Carroll

The wife of T.S. Eliot is reimagined in the finale of Carroll's Eliot Quartet series.


Theatre review: City of Gold

Indigenous grief and identity at the forefront of this explosive show.


Opera review: Lohengrin

A celebrated tenor performs one of his most iconic roles along with a well supported cast.


Book review: Growing up in Country Australia, Edited by Rick Morton

There is a magic to these stories that trace the influence of (rural) youth to present lives.


Theatre review: Toast

Siblings bicker, reminisce and unite in the wake of loss.


Ballet review: ALICE (in Wonderland)

Lewis Carroll's novel explodes into colour, sound and movement.


Book review: The Signal Line, Brendan Colley

An award-winning novel that defies easy categorisation.


Theatre review: Twelfth Night

The non-binary nature of human love is explored in Shakespeare's classic play.


Theatre review: Law and Order: PTV

An all-singing all-dancing troupe of Public Transport Inspectors enforce law and order on the fine citizens of Melbourne.


Dance review: Outside Within

This first offering under Australian Dance Theatre's new Artistic Director highlights collective creativity.

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