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NotFair art fair 2023 housed in the ex Hawksburn Primary School. Photo: ArtsHub. A range of paintings in a hall with white walls and timbre floor.

Exhibition review: NotFair, 333 Malvern Road, South Yarra

A dance of light and darkness with a brilliant array of artist on view at NotFair 2023, ‘Alchemy’.

Aida. Image is a woman in black singing and gesticulating in operatic style, while members of the chorus lie around her reaching up, they are in Ancient Egyptian costumes, with lots of gold.

Opera review: Aida, QPAC

Musically first-rate and impressively sung, Verdi’s 'Aida' rises above the idiosyncrasies of this 21st century production. 

So Close to Home. Image is an author headshot on the left of a bald headed middle aged man in a brown shirt and a book cover depicting a sky at sunset with the silhouette of a young man in a hoodie in the foreground, on the right.

Book review: So Close to Home, Mick Cummins

A powerful and authentic tale of drug addiction.

Beatrix & Fred. Image is a black and white headshot of the author on the left, she has dark hair and polo neck jumper. On the right is a blue book cover with the title and a dead (upside down) canary at the bottom of the image.

Book review: Beatrix & Fred, Emily Spurr

Two loners and their odd, off-kilter relationship.

Fairy Tales. artwork of a tree inside a gallery

Exhibition review: Fairy Tales, Gallery of Modern Art

From the 'once upon a time' to the 'happy ever after' the summer exhibition at Brisbane's GOMA is a feast…

Gods and Monsters by Chris Wormersley. Image is a book cover on the left with a car with a light inside on a dark night, and on the right an author's shot of a grey haired and bearded man with glasses, a white shirt and a grey suit jacket.

Book Review: Ordinary Gods and Monsters, by Chris Womersley

A suburban crime thriller with darkly humorous undertones.

Always Live. Image is a blue lit stage with a blonde woman in a sleeveless dress singing or speaking into a microphone.

Music reviews: Taylor Made and Summer Camp Festival, ALWAYS LIVE Festival

As 'Taylor Made' and 'Summer Camp Festival' proves, live music is back.

Eggs. Image is a woman in a sleeveless green dress and a book cover of a doughnut shaped object.

Book review: How To Order Eggs Sunny Side Up, Lisa Collyer

A debut collection of poetry that breaks down taboos about the state of women’s bodies and the state of the…


Lecture review: An Evening with A C Grayling, QPAC

What is the meaning of life? Professor A C Grayling has the answer. 

Chicago. Image is a chorus line of dancers grouped behind a woman in a very short black dress and stockings. All have their right arms raised and wrists slightly bent, and their right legs bent so they're on tiptoe.

Musical Review: Chicago, Crown Theatre, WA

One of the longest running musicals on Broadway is returning to tour Australia, first stop Perth.

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