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Performance review: FAKE, The Rechabite

This interactive exploration of our online “realities” and our true selves proves a stirring journey.

The Changing Room. On the left a blocky colourful illustration of a window with open red drapes looking out on a starry moonlit sky above a blue mountain range. On the right a 30-something white woman slightly turned to the right, with tied back light brown hair, a green flowery dress and a denim jacket.

Book review: The Changing Room, Belinda Cranston

A story of someone trying to come of age in a world of possibilities.

Charles Maimarosia. Image is a Pacific Islander man adorned with layers and layers of beaded necklaces. He has a white headband, braided hair and wears a short sleeved black T shirt over a long sleeved white one. He has a white stripe under each eye.

Performance review: Charles Maimarosia, Melbourne Recital Centre

Charles Maimaosia's intimate performance was spellbinding, soulful and energetic.


Music review: Symphony Fantastic, QPAC

Love, lust and madness in an all-French program of delightful music with added extras.  

The Word. On a dark stage a group of young people sit in a huddle. They wear shades of green and are turned to a young woman in the middle who is standing. Some of them point at her.

Theatre review: The Word, Abbotsford Convent

A youthful cast of 11 grapple with meaning and the power and absence of words.

SOL Gallery. Image by artist Demetrious Vakras of night sky and a naked woman facing away from us, her lower half dissolving into an x-ray type biomechanical image. To her right is a small fire and to her left is a skull.

Exhibition review: Andrew Fyfe, Joanna Wolthuizen, Lee-Anne Raymond, Demetrios Vakras, SOL Gallery

SOL Gallery’s latest exhibition is another triumph of Melbourne’s artistic diversity and character.

Ulster American. Three actors on a stage set of a loft type apartment. A woman in a short sleeved lilac jumper sits downstage. Behind her centre stage is a bearded man all in black with a baseball cap backwards and an Oscar in his outstretched hand; he is shouting. A third balding man with glasses stands on the right behind a tan leather couch clasping his hands and watching the man in the centre.

Theatre review: Ulster American, Ensemble Theatre

Feminism, #MeToo, toxic masculinity, the Northern Irish ‘Troubles’ and the theatre itself are dissected in this provocative work.


Performance review: 360 ALLSTARS, Arts Centre Melbourne

Urban circus delights with musical and world-class acts.

Three white women in their 30s sit on a brown leather couch. On the left is a mousy woman reading a book, on the right a smiley one crocheting a blanket and in the middle a woman in a blue jumper looking troubled and staring at the camera. Share House: The Musical.

Musical review: Share House: The Musical, Arts Centre Melbourne

The trials and tribulations of house sharing in your 30s come under the microscope in this sign of the times…


Theatre review: Homo Pentecostus, Malthouse Theatre

A multifarious exploration of religion, history, culture and sexuality.

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