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Book review: Childless, Sian Prior

A memoir that charts loss, pain and recovery.


Book review: Fugitive, Simon Tedeschi

Tedeschi is equally impressive on the page as he is at the piano.


Theatre review: King Lear Monster Show!

A dystopian future reimagined through Shakespeare’s immortal work offers a grim and disturbing world that is all too real.


Exhibition review: Dalison by Ian Strange and Trevor Powers

A short-film collaborative eulogy about a dying Australian house is also a celebration of home.


Theatre review: The Return

A suspenseful and powerful new work about the repatriation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander remains.


Exhibition review: Who are you: Australian Portraiture

Over 200 works speak to the various forms of Australian identity.

Ceramic pot by Paul Davis in gallery

Exhibition review: Paul Davis, Sturt Gallery

When timeless tradition finds an Australian inflection.


Book review: Good night, Vivienne, Goodnight, Steven Carroll

The wife of T.S. Eliot is reimagined in the finale of Carroll's Eliot Quartet series.


Theatre review: City of Gold

Indigenous grief and identity at the forefront of this explosive show.


Opera review: Lohengrin

A celebrated tenor performs one of his most iconic roles along with a well supported cast.

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