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Blue Cow. Image is a group of people in and around an old rusty jeep.

Blue Cow Theatre to take its final bow

Lacking secure government support, the Hobart-based Blue Cow has decided to bow out on its own terms.

Aida. Image is a woman in black singing and gesticulating in operatic style, while members of the chorus lie around her reaching up, they are in Ancient Egyptian costumes, with lots of gold.

Opera review: Aida, QPAC

Musically first-rate and impressively sung, Verdi’s 'Aida' rises above the idiosyncrasies of this 21st century production. 

Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company. A bearded man wearing a gold crown on stage sgainst a black background.

30 years of Indigenous storytelling with depth and generosity

Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company marks three decades of sharing Indigenous stories with the world.

Chicago. Image is a chorus line of dancers grouped behind a woman in a very short black dress and stockings. All have their right arms raised and wrists slightly bent, and their right legs bent so they're on tiptoe.

Musical Review: Chicago, Crown Theatre, WA

One of the longest running musicals on Broadway is returning to tour Australia, first stop Perth.

35mm. Image is a cast of performers, some seated on the ground, some standing behind, all pointing cameras at the photographer.

Performance review: 35mm, Flight Path Theatre

Little Triangle's latest production is musical theatre inspired by photography.

The Long Pigs. Image is a darkly malevolent clown, sporting a black nose and brandishing a cleaver.

Theatre review: The Long Pigs, Theatre Works

Darkly funny, this production pits black nose clowns against their cheery red nose counterparts.

Dead Man's Cell Phone. Image is two actors, one male, one female in a pink light against a black background. They are facing one another and touching their fingertips together.

Theatre review: Dead Man's Cell Phone, Slingsby's Hall of Possibility

Wickedly Good Productions presents an intriguing, comedic and moving production on one phone’s ability to connect people.

The Master and Margarita. Image is a group of five actors sitting, crouching or standing on stage in front of a huge lit W sign.

Theatre review: The Master and Margarita, Belvoir St Theatre

Adapted from Bulgakov's classic novel, this stage version is compelling whether or not you're familiar with the original book.

Circa. Image is a group of barechested acrobats holding up another performer on a dark stage.

Performance review: Son and Wolfgang’s Magical Musical Circus, Playhouse Theatre, QPAC

A Circa double bill featuring new work from First Nations-led ensemble Circa Cairns, and a family-friendly reimagining of Mozart and…

At the End of the Land. Image is a swirling blue haze with a black circle in the middle in which stands a woman with black top and shoulder length hair.

Performance Review: At the End of the Land, PICA Performance Space, WA

A non-linear and Lynchian solo performance, with visual and aural extravagances.

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