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Julia Slater-Allan and Sam Corr in ‘Cutting Onions’. Photo: Supplied. A woman sitting on the countertop based in purple light in a domestic sitting, gesturing to a man wearing a black hoodie.

Theatre review: Cutting Onions, The MC Showroom

A visual extravaganza about modern relationships.

Natalie Gamsu. Photo: Marija Ivkovic. A person smiling brightly wearing a red top and black skirt, which she is holding in her hand.

Theatre review: Shrapnel, fortyfivedownstairs

A production that celebrates Natalie Gamsu and invites the Jewish South African community to recall memories of their formative years.

James Joyce (Tref Gare) performing his spider dance in ‘ Samuel Beckett and the Rainbow Girl’. Photo: Jody Jane Stitt.

Theatre review: Samuel Beckett and the Rainbow Girl, St Martin’s Theatre

A new play exploring Irish novelist James Joyce’s Paris years in the 1920s.

The Eternity Playhouse has been home to Darlinghurst Theatre Company, now in voluntary administration.

Darlinghurst Theatre Company placed into voluntary administration

The company made the surprise announcement online.

Two white men dressed in Victorian era garb sit on a stage, either side of a large theatrical costumes/props basket with a decanter on the top of it. One man is draped in a blanket and clutches a glass looking worriedly at the older grey haired man, who also looks concerned but off downstage right, clasping his hands in his lap.

Theatre review: The Woman in Black, QPAC

A powerful production of this acclaimed British thriller has commenced its Australian nationwide tour. 

Death in the Pantheon. On a dark stage two actors are bathed in green light. One can only be seen from the neck down and is holding an ornate drinking contraption, with a red glass case, the other is bending below it to drink.

Theatre review: Death in the Pantheon, Flight Path Theatre

The latest production from Sydney’s Upper Crass Theatre Company is somewhat flawed – but not without its charms. 

Three men and a woman are standing on treadmills. They have their arms in the air.

Performance review: Burnout Paradise, Pony Cam Collective, RISING Festival, Malthouse

A frenzy of tasks performed on treadmills – but to what end?

Close up of four women sitting in a car at night; they are lit from inside the car.

Performance review: The Cadela Força Trilogy – Chapter 1, RISING Festival, Malthouse

A graphic and disturbing look at violence against women.

A woman is kneeling in the middle of a stage, with her head back. Plumes of fire are coming out of her mouth

Performance review: Limbo – The Return, The Grand Electric

Strut & Fret hits the mark with this bacchanalian mix of cabaret, circus and acrobatics. 

A teenage girl with her brunette hair in a ponytail is wearing school uniform and looking over to the side.

Theatre review: Punk Rock, Clubhouse Theatre, Townsville

Young, emerging actors shine brightly in this school drama.

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