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Ulster American. Three actors on a stage set of a loft type apartment. A woman in a short sleeved lilac jumper sits downstage. Behind her centre stage is a bearded man all in black with a baseball cap backwards and an Oscar in his outstretched hand; he is shouting. A third balding man with glasses stands on the right behind a tan leather couch clasping his hands and watching the man in the centre.

Theatre review: Ulster American, Ensemble Theatre

Feminism, #MeToo, toxic masculinity, the Northern Irish ‘Troubles’ and the theatre itself are dissected in this provocative work.

Three white women in their 30s sit on a brown leather couch. On the left is a mousy woman reading a book, on the right a smiley one crocheting a blanket and in the middle a woman in a blue jumper looking troubled and staring at the camera. Share House: The Musical.

Musical review: Share House: The Musical, Arts Centre Melbourne

The trials and tribulations of house sharing in your 30s come under the microscope in this sign of the times…


Theatre review: Homo Pentecostus, Malthouse Theatre

A multifarious exploration of religion, history, culture and sexuality.

A stage filled with performers dressed as animals and birds with a backdrop and set covered in Aboriginal designs.

Performance review: Parrwang Lifts the Sky, Malthouse Theatre

Based on an original creation story from Wadawurrung Country, this is a tale of a magpie named Parrwang who saves…

A natural rock formation in the rough shape of a window looks out over a river and surrounding Nanda Country. Two children wearing Akubra hats sit in the window, their backs to the camera.

APAM heading to WA

The Australian Performing Arts Market will be hosted in Western Australia by PAC Australia in 2026, 2028 and 2030.

Switzerland. A theatre set of a writer's study with grey concrete walls, a two seater leather backed couch, a wooden coffee table and downstage a cluttered desk with a middle aged white woman working at a typewriter. Behind her a young white man has come through the door and looks nervous.

Theatre review: Switzerland, Ensemble Theatre

Patricia Highsmith is all the rage at the moment, so it's a good time to stage Joanna Murray-Smith's play about…

The Roof is Caving In. La Mama Courthouse. Three young women on a stage draped in fabric. In the middle is a woman in white and light blue with her arms around a woman dressed in orange on the left and purple on the right. They are crouching under the middle woman's grasp and hold their belongings in boxes.

Theatre review: The Roof is Caving In, La Mama Courthouse

A very topically-themed play about share housing.

Black Box. A grey-haired man stands on a small square rostrum on a stage wearing suit trousers, a white shirt and tie. Behind him is a narrow strip screen showing a map with a large aeroplane on the right.

Musical review: Black Box, Cremorne Theatre, QPAC

An important Australian invention, the Black Box is being celebrated on stage in a new musical.  

World Problems. Image is a woman in grey standing on a stage in front of the mouth of a tunnel, that looks as if it's lined in slate. There are boulders at her feet and we can see the silhouetted heads of the front row of the audience from behind.

Theatre review: World Problems, Southbank Theatre

A solo show that spans near and far, borne of personal and global events.

The Grinning Man. A huddle of seven young actors in vaguely Victorian/Edwardian clothing grasp and peer over each other with manically grinning faces.

Musical review: The Grinning Man, Alex Theatre

A number of miscalculations may make you grimace instead of grin in the Australian premiere of this British musical.

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