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Artists Essential Toolkit #12: How to write a successful arts grant

Our latest video walks you through what’s involved in writing a grant application, in order to help you present your…

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Working from home makes many feel 'invisible'

Tool fatigue, brain drain and lack of communication are major obstacles for remote workers.

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Competitive terrain for arts graduates

How can aspiring artists and arts workers navigate an increasingly competitive career pathway post-COVID?

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Director’s farewell as MCA turns 30

As the MCA celebrates its 30th anniversary, we spoke to departing director of 22-years, Liz Ann Macgregor on legacy and…

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People first after lockdown, psychologist urges

Greta Bradman provides practical advice about better mental health in our latest Recovery Roadmap Webinar video.

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Arts recruitment for sector recovery

Changing expectations and a competitive job market means that recruiters need to think differently.

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Making your organisation carbon neutral

To coincide with COP26, we look at how you can make your venue and practices more carbon neutral.

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Where an arts degree can take you

Arts degrees have a bad reputation when it comes to employability. But their value to the arts workforce is worth…

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Tips for artist branding

Compelling storytelling lies at the heart of branding and can help artists strengthen their audience connection.

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So you want my arts job: Art Installer

Mona’s Collection and Exhibition Preparator shares how he shifted from hospitality into the arts and why he finds cat mummies…

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