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Virtual residencies are a long-term solution

While nothing beats in person exchange, virtual residencies are here to stay in the post-pandemic future.

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Career Advice

How long should you stay in a job?

When should you take the leap and switch things up? And if you do, how long is acceptable to stay…

Career Advice

So you want my arts job: Art Auction Specialist

As the mastermind behind record-breaking artworks on the auction block, specialist and auctioneer Olivia Fuller delves into the importance of…

Career Advice

Why you need an Equity Action Plan

What is an Equity Action Plan and does your organisation need one? The short answer is yes.

Career Advice

So you want my arts job: Fashion and Textiles Curator

Ever dreamed of revealing the stories behind revolutionary garments and delve into the art of fashion?

Career Advice

Advice on how to cancel, respectfully

It’s easy to get swallowed up in the fast-paced logistics of cancelling an event. So how do you maintain empathy…

Career Advice

Online residencies show surprising gains

Better accessibility, broader audience reach and flexibility can make online residencies a great option for your practice.

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Artists Essentials Toolkit #9: Accessibility for your arts project

In our latest video, Caroline Bowditch offers advice on making arts project more accessible for both performers and audiences.

Career Advice

So you want my arts job: Theatre Technician

If you have a good work ethic and a willingness to learn, as well as solid technical skills, working as…

Career Advice

Exit interview: Deborah Ely, Bundanon Trust

Deborah Ely has been a visionary leader, taking Bundanon Trust from a sleepy regional organisation to a national powerhouse.

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