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Dead white males and gay dancers: challenging stereotypes part two

If you think that classical music is all about dead white males, or that there’s something unmanly about male ballet…


On the road: why you need to be strategic about touring

Whether venturing around the country or overseas, planning a long-term touring strategy needs careful consideration.


The UNESCO City of Music without a concert hall

The lack of a purpose-built, acoustically engineered concert hall is hindering the artistic development of the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra.


Female composers forced to think small

On the eve of a new premiere, a leading female composer has spoken out about the disadvantages still faced by…


ABC cuts hit a sweet note for classical sector

Plans for a new content development fund and a renewed focus on arts and the regions are positive signs say…

Opinions & Analysis

Jazz losing time to capitalism's bebop

A great festival success deserves stability. Instead Wangaratta Jazz has lost both triennial funding and visionary leadership.


Jazz festival seeks new director

An opportunity has arisen for a director to follow in the footsteps of Paul Grabowsky and Adrian Jackson.


Why Australia still dances to an Irish tune

What impact have successive waves of Irish immigration had on Australian art and culture?


Eddie Palmieri: Latin Jazz Septet

Afro-Cuban music lifts the roof at Hamer Hall.


Why aren’t Australia’s female composers being heard?

New music by female composers is being sidelined in professional Australian concert programs.

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