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‘Labor to deliver landmark cultural policy’ (eventually)

Should our next cultural policy acknowledge rising inequality, falling wages, and the erosion of the environment and democracy, Julian Meyrick…

Opinions & Analysis

Let’s make this election personal

With just a few days left until election day, Esther Anatolitis argues that it’s time to make our advocacy personal.

Opinions & Analysis

Opinion: Why the arts matter to the Greens

Artists-in-residence in schools, a minimum performance fee, and accessible arts education for all are among the Greens' arts policies.

Opinions & Analysis

How creative writing helps teens cope with COVID

Creative writing is therapeutic for teenagers, and also shows them new ways of supporting one another.

A woman on stage in a ruff lhas strings so she she is suspended like a puppet
Opinions & Analysis

Your vote for who controls arts boards

Arts boards are being stacked with political appointments just when they need vision and diversity, argues George Dunford.

Image of one lit lightbulb amid several dark lightbulbs
Opinions & Analysis

Artists to political candidates: ‘Inspire us’

Speaking at the recent Federal Arts and Culture Policy Forum, Esther Anatolitis called on our politicians to offer policies that…

Opinions & Analysis

Heartstopper is the queer TV show we need right now

As LGBTQIA+ people face renewed hostility, this sweetly affirming Netflix series celebrates young queer love with humour and warmth.

Opinions & Analysis

Finding gay panic in writing

When author Jonathan Butler started researching his ancestor’s sexuality, he soon encountered the thorny business of outing the dead.

Fingers drop a voting form into a slot in a stylised image of Australia.
Opinions & Analysis

Election looming, so where is the arts policy?

We don’t need to wait for political parties to release formal arts and cultural policies when their unwritten policies are…

Opinions & Analysis

Patricia Cornelius on urgency and risk

A call to arms and a caution issued by Patricia Cornelius at the recent Australian Playwrights’ Festival presented by Currency…

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