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Accessibility. Image shows young woman with long dark hair and a light top in front of computer screen and microphone. She is looking at the camera over her shoulder. She is wearing headphones and using a wheelchair.
Opinions & Analysis

Accessibility is everyone’s responsibility

Don't leave it to the people with accessibility needs to do all the heavy lifting.

scrabble letters spelling out the word 'talent' on a wooden background.
Opinions & Analysis

Why we fail when we talk about talent

Using the word 'talented' as praise and encouragement devalues hard work, skill and learned ability. We need to use better…

Mob Image: Shutterstock. Illustration of two black side profiles against a green background. One figure has its eyes covered and another has its mouth covered.
Opinions & Analysis

Are you an imposter?

Mob are allowed to ask respectful questions about where you come from and who your people are. This is so…

creative. image is a range of headshots of creative leaders in NZ
Opinions & Analysis

What does new NZ government mean for creativity?

The Big Idea asks creative leaders how Aotearoa's political shift to the right could impact arts, culture and heritage –…

‘Wirnan’. Photo: Glenn Iseger-Pilkington 2018.
Opinions & Analysis

Cultural collaboration between remote Kimberley art centres

Through collaboration and shared resources, remote Kimberley art centres strengthen cultural practice and promote a unique identity.

Australian Circus Summit. Image is of a dark stage with some spot lighting and a band along the back wall. Centre stage is a man standing with four others running around him and one other person flat out and held aloft.
Opinions & Analysis

The Moving State of Circus: opening keynote from the Australian Circus Summit

The keynote speech by Darcy Grant, Artistic Director of Gravity and Other Myths, presented last week at NICA’s Australian Circus…

Opinions & Analysis

Arts organisations say they want to be ‘cultural leaders’ – but are they living up to their goals?

Should our leading arts companies take a stand more often?

Referendum. Image shows woman in low cut black sparkly dress, with headdress and sash in colours of the Aboriginal flag.
Opinions & Analysis

On the referendum and intersectionality...

Now that Australia has voted, what's next? And how did the Voice to Parliament referendum differ from the postal vote…

Trans. Woman with green top and long brown hair sits in armchair looking at camera with hand under chin. Behind her are a pot plant and a lamp.
Opinions & Analysis

Activists will tell you that trans roles should go to trans actors – I disagree

When a certain children's author is played by a trans performer and a trans character is played by a cis…

mental health. A small group of people face away towards a chairlift with their arms around each other supporting each other.
Opinions & Analysis

Mental health is a human right: we're talking about a revolution

World Mental Health Day is a chance to question the systems that undermine human happiness and creativity.

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