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maintain the social distance during the Covid-19 outbreak at an outdoor event on the turf of a stadium.
Opinions & Analysis

Research shows audiences value COVID-safety measures

Recent data shows that audiences are concerned about managing COVID-safety risks at cultural events.

Italy has eased the lockdown measures for the Covid-19 pandemic and many museums are reopening. Visitors look at the artworks of the exhibition "Defying the Baroque". Turin, Italy - May 2020
Opinions & Analysis

How you feel about returning to arts events

We asked you about returning to events and what COVID-19 safety measures you value most. Here's what you told us.

A sun sets behind a mountain on a desert world, a robed figure is in the foreground.
Opinions & Analysis

How games can become our greatest artform

At his recent keynote at Melbourne International Games Week, Albert Chessa argued that there was a way for games to…

Miranda Otto and Aina Dumlao in The Unusual Suspects
Opinions & Analysis

The Unusual Suspects: damaging for Filipino stories

Gloria Demillo advocates for meaningful community engagement and dignified representation.

Opinions & Analysis

Battling Un-Inspiration and finding motivation

Lockdown dried up your inspiration? You're not alone - Verity Johnson has found light at the end of the creative…

Opinions & Analysis

Publishing models for changed conditions

Which publishing models can thrive in these uneasy times? The answer might surprise.

Opinions & Analysis

More arts on the news? An ABC internal review once agreed.

It’s time for the ABC to adopt the findings of its own Arts Review, with the help of extra funding…

Opinions & Analysis

Embracing fear, channelling fury and daring to care

Circa’s Yaron Lifschitz issues a challenge to Netflix, and dares us to reimagine how and why we make art.

Three First Nations Australian women
Opinions & Analysis

The value of First Nations Culture – on stage and every day

As part of Brisbane Festival, Associate Professor Sandra Phillips looks at Culture through the lens of the Closing the Gap…

Opinions & Analysis

On the future of touring

The show can’t always go on, but it can shift, pivot and be reimagined.

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