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First Nations garments. Image is a row of scarves hanging down and depicting kitsch images of Aboriginal people and culture.

How First Nations artists are reclaiming colonial objects and celebrating culture through garments

While 'Aboriginalia' and 'Koori Kitsch' are popular terms, 'First Nations garmenting' is an emerging trend adopted by many artists whose…

LEGO build of Hong Kong street view. Photo: Hong Lin, Unsplash. A street view built from LEGO featuring a road with different cars, and densely stacked buildings.

10 mind-blowing LEGO creations on Instagram

From emotive storytelling to gravity-defying creations, these Instagram accounts are exemplifying the possibilities of LEGO.

1WORKROOM9 occupies the previous space of Chinese Fraternity Association of Queensland. Photo: ArtsHub. A glass door with white timbre borders opens into a corridor. On the top of the door is a sign with ‘1WORKROOM9’, in the door itself is a row of letters stuck on, displaying ‘CHINESE FRATERNITY ASSOCIATION OF QUEENSLAND INC’

Opening of new project space in old Chinatown Mall fosters speculation into the past

1WORKROOM9's inaugural exhibition transports viewers back in time – to not only Archie Moore's adolescence but also to the contentious…

A profile of a woman. The bottom half of her is covered by steam.

Mills & Boon: How to write steamy scenes

Four Mills & Boon Australian authors offer tips on how to write racy copy.

aerial view of Sydney with White Bay Power Station.

How will White Bay Power Station work as an arts venue?

Despite offering zero parking on-site, White Bay Power Station promises to be an arts venue to shape Sydney, and beyond.

UQ Art Museum. Image is two people wearing white shirts standing in a river with VR headsets on.

The art museum pushing boundaries in a surprising location

Hidden on the University of Queensland's St Lucia campus, the UQ Art Museum serves as a creative think tank building…

method acting, Natalie Portman. Image is a 39-something female actor in a blue double breasted blazer and green scarf, with long hair, smiling off camera.

How method acting could empower women

Natalie Portman says method acting is a ‘luxury women can’t afford’ – but new research shows how it can empower…

Photo: Maria Varshavskaya, Pexels. A group of young people sitting and standing next to a table with scrapbooking material laid out.

Library workshops offering respite through making

Local libraries hold an array of workshops for all kinds of crafters, including art nights, social groups, or just some…

A man and a woman holding guns are on a hill with a lake and another mountain in the background.

Streaming guide February 2024: new shows to stream on Netflix, ABC iview, Stan, BritBox, and more…

Your guide to the best new shows and films to stream in Australia on all major streaming platforms this month.

Jahkarli Felicitas Romanis, ‘Burnt’ (cropped) as part of ‘Dis(connected) to Country’. Photo: Supplied. A photographic work showcasing the portrait with no facial features, overlayed with the red desert landscape.

(Dis)connected to Country: mapping the intersections of place, identity and family

Jahkarli Felicitas Romanis interrogates the possibility of self-determination through photography.

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