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Reflecting the voices of Australian fashion

Barriers of entry and lack of infrastructure are still issues for Australian designers – it's time to talk about the…


Rethinking galleries' public spaces

Who’s afraid of ACCA? Now they’ve transformed the gallery into a lounge room so you won’t be.


fortyfivedownstairs plans to stick around despite development woes

The multi-arts space is threatened by a neighbouring development but has no plans to call it quits.


Exit interview: Shelagh Magadza, Chamber of Arts and Culture WA

A turbulent three years working in arts advocacy has given Shelagh Magadza unique perspectives on where the sector can go…

A grey-haired woman in a purple dress on a grey background

Incoming: Adelaide Writers' Week Director

Former publisher Louise Adler has been announced as the next Adelaide Writers’ Week Director with plans to reawaken writers and…


Big career moves in 2021

Covid has been a period for recalibrating and pivoting, which for some has meant moving on from significant roles leading…


NFTs: A year in review

A recap on the most confusing art development of the year.


Why sustaining an arts career is so hard

Arts jobs can be exhausting and precarious. How do we find decent work, asks researcher Kate Power?


Emerging biennial's new take on cross-cultural dialogue

The inaugural Hyphenated Biennial brings together First Nations and Asian diasporic artists in a multi-faceted dialogue.


APT10 delivers mature connections

The spirit of intellectual equality with which APT began in 1993 only becomes more relevant and compelling in APT10.

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