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a gallery space showing a painting under a spotlight and a tactile sculptural interpretation of it beside it.

Making art heard for vision impaired audiences

Galleries and museums could be doing more through co-design and collaboration to expand access for blind and low vision audiences.

Wintery scene of shivering man in snowstorm

Research says cold weather is good for the arts

Beating the chill: what research tells us about cold weather and our culture-going habits.


Who was Picasso in the eyes of his peers?

NGV’s winter blockbuster The Picasso Century offers more than a tale of the lone creative genius.

art music therapy

Does the arts sector need more creative therapists?

More and more evidence points to the therapeutic effects of art and music, but can their makers also benefit?

A dark exhibition space with a series of lit up globes hanging in it.

What every museum reveals about past, present and future

Museums have important roles across multiple timespans, according to futurist and museum director Kristin Alford.

dark mofo nude solstice swim

What does Dark Mofo bring apart from the spectacle?

ArtsHub speaks with three local artists on how Hobart's arts ecology has evolved with Dark Mofo plus their 2022 program…

Daniel Boyd AGNSW

Daniel Boyd's art overturns accepted white Australian history

Daniel Boyd's new solo exhibition at AGNSW not only interrogates Australia's colonial history but transfers First Nations knowledge to audiences.

a pile of Australian money: $50, $20 and $10 notes

5 end of financial year fundraising tips

What are the secrets of fundraising at tax time?

Occupy White Walls is a build-your-own-gallery game

Occupy White Walls is democratising art with video games

Occupy White Walls is a game that lets you build your own art gallery, and could be the newest frontier…


TMAG's new Director is a scientist who loves art

Introducing Mary Mulcahy, the new Director at Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, who wants to put community first.

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