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The real story of COVID's impact on QLD regional galleries

Museums & Galleries Queensland Rebekah Butler reveals some hidden tolls of the pandemic in her state.

Woman smiling

Exit Interview: Kate Torney, CEO State Library Victoria

After six years at the helm of the fourth busiest library in the world, Kate Torney has taken on a…

A woman is given a needle

Are arts workers at risk in compulsory vax policies?

ArtsHub speaks with peak arts organisations about the new territory of vaccination policies, including potential legalities, insurance premiums, HR and…


10 years of bringing art into everyday lives

The Junction Arts Festival team reflect on the festival’s past, present and future at Artlands 2021.

a crowd at an outside arts event

Regional arts audiences evolve with the pandemic

Some of regional Australia's arts venues have seen visitation grow over the past 18 months, but is it true for…

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Writers inspired by their own neighbourhoods

A Melbourne Writers Festival initiative explores the importance of place to writers Tony Birch, Sophie Cunningham and more.

Aboriginal kids from cast of NEOMAD film, in Pilbara..

Indigenous-led digital platform changing in-class learning ahead of national curriculum

How a small Indigenous community in the Pilbara is changing the way our kids learn, and is set to shape…


Sector speaks out over Barking Gecko concerns

Questions are being asked about the abrupt departure of respected arts administrator Helen Hristofski from Barking Gecko Theatre.


Australian undercurrents: Why curators are (still) fixated on water

In case you haven’t noticed, Australia’s visual art scene is experiencing waves. ArtsHub dives into these watery synergies.

Man dressed in black on a black background holding a baton.

MSO’s new Chief Conductor wants to make music for all

Having been exposed to the power of music as a child, Jaime Martín is determined to share that gift with…

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