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Culture. Wellbeing. Hands holding a blue drawing of a smiling face
Opinions & Analysis

Culture as a protective factor

Taking a look at developments in arts, health and well-being practice.

Rupert Myer. Man in suit stands in front of blue wall giving an address.
Opinions & Analysis

Rupert Myer calls for a Ministerial Council for the Arts

In a National Press Club Address, Rupert Myer outlines what it will take for Australia to become a ‘cultural powerhouse’,…

Bromley. Image is artist spraying green paint at the camera.

Artist David Bromley on mental health, Bromley: Light After Dark documentary

The celebrated painter discusses his much anticipated new feature documentary.

Documentary. Image is a group of women in a small filming studio, with two sitting in chairs facing each other and another behind a film camera.

The Bold and Beautiful

A series of documentary filmmaking workshops specifically for women and gender diverse people aged over 40 exemplifies the agency of…

Artspace. Exterior of heritage stone building

A new era shaped by artists’ studio needs

What 350 free artist studios mean for the future of Australia's arts ecology. ArtsHub speaks with Artspace directors.

Affordable Art Fair. Image is two women smiling and talking to each other about art works, with art on the walls behind them. One woman is wearing a mustard colour short sleeved shirt and has brown hair held back in a clip and a lanyard, the other has longer dark hair and a black shirt with red lanyard.

Affordable Art Fairs – bridging the gap between desire and affordability

A global phenomenon, the Affordable Art Fair seeks to democratise collecting art and has announced Brisbane as its next destination.

Aboriginal artist Mervyn Street, pictured in 2023, standing on a balcony of an old art shed. He wears a blue shirt and a cowboy hat.

The art story behind the $180 million class action win led by Mervyn Street

A recent class action over stolen wages has brought past injustices to light. The paintings of the case’s Lead Applicant,…

Hobart Festival of Comedy. Image is of a man wearing a lot of makeup and sporting a huge open mouthed grin, while standing in a blue strobing spotlight.

Hobart to host new comedy festival in 2024

Building on Hobart’s strong local comedy scene and presented by the team behind Dark Mofo, the new festival will run…

Old Fitz. Image is rows of bench theatre seating, with two young women sitting on the front row, one in a patterned dress and one in a white shirt and dark skirt.

New Ghosts take over the Old Fitz

New Ghosts Theatre, led by independent artists Lucy Clements and Emma Wright, will take the reins of Sydney’s iconic Old…

Budget. Image is fanned out Australian banknotes, a magnifying glass, a pen and paper with figures, and a calculator.

Interrogating the Budget: NSW estimates for the arts

Last week NSW Minister John Graham faced the Legislative Council to review spending for this year and next. ArtsHub shares…

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