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2024 FUSE Glass Prize, installation view at JamFactory Adelaide. Photo: Connor Patterson. A gallery space with black walls and timbre floor where a series of innovative glass objects are placed on several narrow tables. A large red neon work is installed on a wall to the right.

The nuances of curating for craft

Curators spinning familiarity into curiosity through different approaches to working with craft objects and exhibitions.


The art of the table

Images of food that engage the eye and invite us to look closer are both beautiful and great for the…

Intimate photography is on the rise. Image is a naked woman shot from behind and from the middle of her back down, sitting on the floor with her arms held out to her side and bathed in a warm sunny glow.

Intimate photography: the new therapy?

Photographers are enjoying a rise in nude, boudoir and intimate photography. But the results are surprising everyone.

The Artist's Way self-protection. image is a man in a yellow bee keeper's costume carrying an insert from a hive.

The Artist's Way Week 10: Recovering a sense of self-protection

What are the perils and toxic patterns we keep encountering on the path towards greater creativity? This week we learn…

AFCM. Under an outside marquee a white man with glasses and a grey suit plays a violin from behind a music stand. There are microphones on stands. Behind him are seated a female and a male violinist resting.

Australian Festival of Chamber Music offers an impressive and diverse 2024 program

Jack Liebeck’s third Townsville festival cements his reputation as one of its most exciting artistic directors.

Technical writer. Bookshelves full of colour coded files or bound reports. Along the top shelf are blue, green, lime and yellow ones. On the bottom grey and white.

Do you have what it takes to be a technical writer?

Are you very analytical, with an excellent grasp of communicating in plain English? You may be a good fit for…

Suhanya Raffel, Museum Director, M+. Photo: Winnie Yeung @ Visual Voices. Image: Courtesy M+, Hong Kong. Raffel against a green tiled architectural background. She is a middle-aged woman with long black and grey hair, wearing red lipstick and smiling at the camera. She is dressed in a black blazer with a white flower brooch.

Building a contemporary museum: learnings with Suhanya Raffel

From studying art history in Sydney to helming the Asia Pacific Triennial in Queensland and now leading Hong Kong’s M+,…

cat in a book. Tabby cat sits in a studio on a pile of papers or manuscripts. It is facing the left and looking off into the distance. The studio is filled with books and detritus and there is a woman in the background doing some sort of admin.

Look, look, a cat in a book! (part 2)

Still don't have enough cat books in your life? Here are 10 more books, especially for the young.

Founders of Here Space, Michelle Vine and Perrin Ellis. Photo: Claudia Baxter. Two people sitting on a sofa in the middle of a brightly lit studio space.

Meanjin artists diversifying skills to create facilities independent of government funding

Cyber Bunker and Here Space are the most recent facilities initiated by entrepreneurial artists to build diverse communities in Meanjin/Brisbane.

Melbourne Art Book Fair returns for its 10th anniversary. Photo: Sean Fennessy. Photo of different art books with a range of bespoke covers.

Are art books an anomaly in the publishing industry?

As Melbourne Art Book Fair gears for its 10th anniversary, ArtsHub asks how art and design books have survived the…

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