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Why CEOs need to improvise in the boardroom

Boardroom etiquette is typically formal. Is that a good thing? A panel of improv-theatre makers and CEOs suggest otherwise, in…

Career Advice

Why I left my art gallery

ArtsHub speaks with artists Luke Cornish (aka ELK) and Zoe Young on why they stepped away from gallery representation, and…

Career Advice

Why you need a Consignment Agreement for your work

Don't put yourself at risk by sending an emailed inventory of your for sale artworks or designs. Rather, use a…

Career Advice

The ‘business’ of craft shouldn’t be an oxymoron

Damien Wright believes the future is in the handmade, especially as we emerge as a new economy out of COVID-19,…

Career Advice

Why procrastinating isn't a bad thing

Are you super good at procrastinating? Writer Verity Johnson says science is on your side when explaining the benefit of…

Career Advice

Why painting en plein air is booming

COVID has seen a mini boom for en plein air painting as we all re-evaluate the great outdoors. We talk…

Career Advice

Why exercise is good for your art (from the archives)

A dancer, a pianist and a vocal coach discuss the benefits of fitness on their respective practices.

Career Advice

The 4 Rs: Exploring trauma-responsivity and self-care

The theatre sector needs a trauma-responsive rehearsal process, argues community-engaged artist Claire K. Redfield.

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