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A man with a colourful background and the word Artists Essentials Toolkit - Making a Podcast
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Artists Essentials Toolkit #11: Making a podcast

In our latest Artists Essentials Toolkit video, we look at how to create a podcast from recording to sending your…

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Hit centre stage with online auditions

Nailing the setup and a little mental prep can relieve some of the stress of auditioning at home.

girl under sprinkler
Career Advice

7 tips for languishing creatives

Let go of the long winter languish with these simple strategies from Emmy and AACTA Award-winning producer turned coach Ellenor…

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Cover letters to shine from the get-go

Ever imagined your cover letter sinking to the bottom of the ocean? Check out these tips to help bring out…

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Exit interview: Elizabeth Rogers, Regional Arts NSW

Leading with tireless energy, Elizabeth Rogers has grown Regional Arts NSW over her 15 year tenure.

Catherine Polcz, MAAS Science Program Producer. Image
Career Advice

So you want my arts job: Museum Program Producer

Creating museum science experience for a broad spectrum audience, at Sydney Observatory Catherine Polcz is charged with creating awe.

Person in leopard-print pants holds a sign saying Save the arts

Making an arts advocacy plan

With the next federal election likely for the first quarter of 2022, arts organisations are gearing up for big impact.

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Artists Essentials Toolkit #10: How to create a portfolio career for your art

In the next instalment of the Artists Essentials Toolkit series, Jini Maxwell explores how to create a portfolio career for…

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Virtual residencies are a long-term solution

While nothing beats in person exchange, virtual residencies are here to stay in the post-pandemic future.

Man with bag walking away.
Career Advice

How long should you stay in a job?

When should you take the leap and switch things up? And if you do, how long is acceptable to stay…

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