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Exploring the potentials of hybrid work

A breadth of research shows that hybrid work arrangements should take into account lessons from COVID rather than a blanket…

Career Advice

Car park activation: Is it art?

Are carpark art activations valid public art or lazy developer obligation? We look at the opportunities and trends.


How to stop comparing and enjoy your own success (from the archives)

Comparing ourselves to other people is only natural, but it can get in the way of us creating our best…

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Navigating flood insurance: where to turn

Have you been impacted by flood damage and are caught in an insurance stalemate? Here are a few tips.

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Exit interview: Leanne Glover, WASO

Technological changes have placed greater pressure on orchestral musicians in recent years, according to Leanne Glover, the outgoing Principal Cor…


Is design suspended in transition?

On International Design Day we explore the impact of the pandemic on design, and look at design careers facing new…


No ceiling that can’t be broken: Dr Melissa Chiu

Darwin-born, and Director of the globally celebrated Hirshhorn Museum, Dr Melissa Chiu talks about diversity, cultural diplomacy, and seeking out…

Career Advice

So you want my arts job: Disability Art Centre, CEO

If you believe that art should be accessible to all, have a sense of humour and is a great communicator,…


On the move: Latest sector appointments

Strong appointments in the music sector, including AD for Melbourne Chamber Orchestra and new General Manager at Tura.

two cocoons and an emerged butterfly
Career Advice

Five strategies for flourishing in political change

Feeling election fatigue already? Esther Anatolitis’ new book Place, Practice, Politics is an indispensable caution against political disengagement, offering galvanising…

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