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Book review: A History of Dreams, Jane Rawson

A coven of witches conspire to upset the socio-political status quo in sleepy Adelaide.

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Opinions & Analysis

The many lost paths to a novel

When writing her latest novel, Jane Rawson was surprised by how mutable her story was, travelling through both time and…


Book review: TAKE CARE, Eunice Andrada

Reader beware: these poems can burn.


Women at the height of their artistic powers

Writer Alison Carrol describes Bendigo exhibition profiling female Islamic artists as a powerful reckoning.

Opinions & Analysis

Gender inequality at UK’s Royal Opera

A new study by Caitlin Vincent, Amanda Coles and Jordan Beth Vincent investigates women’s representation at one of the world’s…


TextaQueen awarded $80K commission to celebrate queer South Asian diaspora

For over twenty years, TextaQueen has been using fibre-tip markers to draw out complex politics of gender, race, sexuality and…


Festival review: Pop Up North Queensland (PUNQ 2021), Townsville and surrounding regional towns

The festival's third iteration is the most ambitious yet in this sprawling and collaborative venture across the region.


Theatre review: Monica, Tempest Theatre, Perth

An exploration of the feminist gaze through 'the Monica Lewinsky experience'.


Book review: Dissolve by Nikki Gemmell, Hachette

An intoxicating exploration of erasure, heartbreak, and self determination.


Theatre Review: Prima Facie, Queensland Theatre

A relevant and deeply disturbing indictment of how our legal system routinely fails sexual assault victims

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