29 jobs to consider for a career change in 2024

Whether you have visions of being in the spotlight, leading from behind the scenes or going out on your own, these arts professionals offer their insights to aid your decision-making.
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Feel like a career change in 2024? ArtsHub looks back at the careers we profiled over the past year, to offer a few insights from arts professionals within our sector to whet your appetite.

In the spotlight

Acting is just standing around pretending, right? Not so, says Aaron Walton, about a craft that is more complicated than you’d think.

There’s more to comedy than just making people laugh, Damian Callinan explains.

Careers behind the scenes

Stunt Coordinator for film and television
Philli Anderson was Australia’s first female stunt coordinator and one of the few female stunt people working in Australia. Here’s what she has to say about her job.

Media and Drama Teacher
From teaching stage lighting to drama students to training other teachers to use video games in lesson plans, Brett Jenkins is a passionate, contemporary educator.

Proofreading is a last chance, “spit and polish” appraisal of a writer’s work for pesky mistakes. Being finicky and pedantic certainly helps.

Touring Manager
If you have an affinity for logistics and a love of live music, working as an artist touring manager may be the career for you. Dom Miller is an artist manager, event programmer and touring manager at Sunroom.

Intimacy Coordinator
With a wealth of experience in theatre and advocacy, Cessalee Stovall shares why she took the path to become an Intimacy Coordinator.

Chorus Master
Paul Fitzsimon has been Opera Australia’s Chorus Master since 2019. Here, he shares the secrets of his trade.

Making a difference

Though bibliotherapy is an ancient practice, it’s not particularly well-known, says Dr Susan McLaine, a practitioner of over 18 years standing.

Drama Therapist
Drama therapist Anne Gollan creates safe environments for play and storytelling with both children and adults.

Specialist careers

Narrative Designer
Wondering who’s behind the stories in video games? Narrative Designer Alexander Swords explains the scope of his job and player psychology.

Archaeologist Iain Shearer has led lecture tours for the British Museum, the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, and for Australians via Renaissance Tours. ArtsHub talks to him about his job.

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Soundscape Designer
To a layperson, Guy Webster makes cool noises for a living, but his job is far more complicated than that.

Vocal Arranger
Alex Van den Broek lists arranger, choral director and singer-songwriter on her CV. And those are just a few of her skills.

Children’s Gallery Curator
What do you need – apart from passion – to shape a children’s gallery program and inspire young audiences?

Graphic Novelist
Yawuru artist, creator and graphic novel author Brenton McKenna was among Australia’s first published Indigenous graphic novel authors.

Architectural Historian and Writer
As a child, Peter Andrew Barrett spent endless hours exploring Melbourne’s rooftops and alleyways. Now he works to preserve and celebrate the city’s heritage.

Tattoo Artist
What does it take to be a tattoo artist? We speak with Ink Sphinx about how she broke into the industry.

Court Artist
ArtsHub speaks with the courtroom illustrator responsible for capturing the criminal trial of Lindy and Michael Chamberlain.

Physical Comedy and Clown Teacher
Drawing from over 20 years’ experience, Clare Bartholomew divulges what it means to be a physical comedy and clown teacher.

Art Teacher, Costume and Jewellery Designer
Anna Kolusniewski runs a successful business teaching art classes for children and adults, while also creating stunning wearable pieces on the side.

Percussionist and Music Lecturer
From playing drums and singing in a Dixieland band, to teaching music students at Charles Darwin University, Vincent Perry’s work week is never dull.

Freelance flexibility

Visitor Services Officer
Molly Desmond is a Visitor Services Officer, but what does that mean?

Art Tour Leader
A well-seasoned Art Tour Leader to Japan, curator and consultant Kathryn Hunyor explains what is like to be “on tour”.

Leadership dreams

Publishing Managing Editor
Kevin O’Brien manages both staff and books in his busy, very much hands-on, senior editorial position.

Art Fair Director
The Other Art Fair Director Luke Potkin reveals what it takes to deliver a high-profile event that puts artists’ interests first.

Every day is different for COX’s Ramin Jahromi, but a collaborative mindset and resilience are always key.

Art Magazine Editor
Rosy Leake is Editor of an art magazine – well two. ArtsHub catches up with her to discover what it takes to stay in touch and on time.

Head of Music, Opera Australia
If you love the canon but enjoy learning, working as the Head of Music for a major company may be the career for you according to pianist and conductor Tahu Matheson.

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Gina Fairley is ArtsHub's National Visual Arts Editor. For a decade she worked as a freelance writer and curator across Southeast Asia and was previously the Regional Contributing Editor for Hong Kong based magazines Asian Art News and World Sculpture News. Prior to writing she worked as an arts manager in America and Australia for 14 years, including the regional gallery, biennale and commercial sectors. She is based in Mittagong, regional NSW. Twitter: @ginafairley Instagram: fairleygina