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Why we need online theatre after lockdown

Accessing theatre online is a post-pandemic imperative, argues playwright and performer Jamila Main.


Theatre review: La Bella Figura

A family-focussed musical dramedy.


How performance skills can aid in the workplace

Presenting online is harder than it looks, especially if public speaking already makes you nervous. A NIDA Corporate course could…


What regional theatre needs to thrive

We take a wide-ranging look at the challenges facing three North Queensland theatre companies, their inspiring and passionate leaders, and…


Theatre review: Bite the Hand

Who is more humane: the animal or the human?


Celebrating 40 years of Terrapin

Four decades on, Tasmania's beloved puppet company is thriving.


Theatre review: ARCO Snr

An interactive awareness-building look at autism.


Jane Austen: evergreen (i)con

Austen Con 21 returns with a hybrid live and digital model.


Theatre review: A Not So Traditional Story

Terrapin Puppet Theatre makes Tasmania’s dark history accessible for the young.

a diverse group of people on stage singing and having a good time

Reopening Sydney theatre COVID-safely

Hamilton and Come From Away are reopening in Sydney as part of NSW’s roadmap back from COVID. What can audiences…

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