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Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf. Image is a proscenium arch stage set of a dingy living room, with a woman in a red shirt draped across the couch and a man in a grey cardigan sitting on the edge leaning toward her.

Theatre review: Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Red Stitch Actors' Theatre

Edward Albee's excoriating exploration of an embattled marriage returns for a modern spin.

The Lost Boys. Image is a line of people on stage the diagonal, with their sides/backs to us looking off to the left.

Performance review: The Lost Boys, Seymour Centre

An immersive landscape inspired by J M Barrie's Neverland where the audience is invited to be a part of The…

Music. Image is of a group of people mostly dressed in black looking at the camera and smiling.

Music programs for youths on the fringe

Addressing the widening gap in music education for youths with a different demographic in mind.

neurodivergent. disability. Image is a group of people with various disabilities gathered in a space and workshopping drama ideas.

Take us as we are – empowering neurodivergent and disabled experiences in the arts

The arts industry has a long way to go in accommodating creatives and audiences who do not conform to dominant,…

Welcome to Your New Life. Image is of three people sitting in a Play School like set, a man and a woman on a couch, looking expectant and listening intently, and a third person on a cube with the number 7 on the side talking to them.

Theatre Review: Welcome to Your New Life, State Theatre Company SA

Based on a memoir, 'Welcome to your New Life' explores pregnancy and motherhood.

Education. Image is a colourful painting of a group of women and other images including one a nun, a woman in a Wonder Woman outfit and one playing a guitar.
Education & Student News

Education in brief: looking ahead to fresh arts learning in 2024

The NGV launches its program for teachers and students in 2024, while the Sydney Opera House reveals offerings for young…

Oil. Image is of a older grey haired woman in glasses and bulky padded yellow/green coat, who is pointing at a prism, which is also being looked at by a younger woman in similar attire with shortish brown hair and kneeling down.

Theatre review: Oil, Wharf 1 Theatre, Sydney

An historical play that explores the fault lines of colonialism, empire and capitalism.

opportunities and awards.Image is an artwork sculpture of an ice cream van which has melted into the sand.

Opportunities and awards

Darwin Fringe call-out, plus winners of Sculpture by the Sea, and finalists of Small Press Network's Book of the Year…

Hobart Festival of Comedy. Image is of a man wearing a lot of makeup and sporting a huge open mouthed grin, while standing in a blue strobing spotlight.

Hobart to host new comedy festival in 2024

Building on Hobart’s strong local comedy scene and presented by the team behind Dark Mofo, the new festival will run…

Old Fitz. Image is rows of bench theatre seating, with two young women sitting on the front row, one in a patterned dress and one in a white shirt and dark skirt.

New Ghosts take over the Old Fitz

New Ghosts Theatre, led by independent artists Lucy Clements and Emma Wright, will take the reins of Sydney’s iconic Old…

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