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The little theatre that could: 50 years of La Mama

This month La Mama Theatre celebrates its 50th anniversary. How different would Australian culture be without it?


Where to for Fringe after 70 years?

Commemorating 70 years of Fringe Festivals, World Fringe Day takes place on 11 July. But is the Fringe model still…


Does one size fit all? Bridging the urban/rural taste divide

For artists focussed on inner-city audiences, the idea of touring regionally can be confronting. But are audiences any different outside…


From toxic theatre to safe spaces

Artists aren’t the problem when it comes to self-care; it’s the culture we work in which damages people. It’s time…


On the road: why you need to be strategic about touring

Whether venturing around the country or overseas, planning a long-term touring strategy needs careful consideration.


Imagining an Indigenous led performing arts venue

What sort of programming might a First Nations Arts Centre offer, and how would its operations, even its architecture, differ…


How to build a culturally vibrant region

History, diversity, tree-changers and community leaders all play a role in enriching a region's arts ecology.


Why Australia still dances to an Irish tune

What impact have successive waves of Irish immigration had on Australian art and culture?


Even the winners have lost

Now that the dust has settled from the latest Australia Council organisations funding round, we can see the implications for…

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A cultural pathway for Adelaide

The excitement of 'Mad March' in Adelaide could last all year with clever activation of the city's infrastructure.

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