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Dome screening review: XYZZY: Jess Johnson and Simon Ward, Neversphere

‘XYZZY’ is a visual and aural journey that tilts our world upside down.


Event review: MIFF XR, Melbourne

Is the physical body at stake in VR?

Illustration with a person wearing a red hood standing against a smoky background with large blocks of red and grey. The atmosphere is dystopian.
Opinions & Analysis

Is fear around AI doing more harm than good?

Our anxiety is pitching artists against AI when collaboration and exploration are what's needed.


New Canberran festival discovers Uncharted path

From 7-16 July, Uncharted Territory encourages visitors to step outside of their comfort zone and discover the breadth of innovation…

Celebrating the fusion of light art, technology and music

Illuminate Adelaide explores and celebrates the overlap between creativity and technology.

bloody hand with large knife, symbolising cuts to arts programming

Taking a machete to the ABC ... again

Has the ABC gone too far this time?

Career Advice

Ten tips for creating a web series that cuts through the noise

Be bold, grab attention and ask for help. Good advice on making web series from writers and producers Amanda Reedy…

Minister gunning for more immersive experiences

NSW's new Minister for the Arts addressed the crowd at the opening of Remix Summit Sydney 2023.

Education & Student News

Why I’m studying… Game Design and Production

Third-year UniSA student Emily Brown talks about her passion for 3D modelling, her pathway to study and advice for other…

A white and grey human sized robot looking down against a grey sky.

Sharp rise of AI: artists’ friend or foe?

Artists’ views on whether AI is an ally or enemy in this bold new era.

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