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The Children at Adelaide Festival Centre. Two women and a man stand inside interior of a house.

Theatre review: The Children, Adelaide Festival Centre

Award-winning UK playwright Lucy Kirkwood examines the fall-out from a nuclear disaster.

The Next Big Thing. Image on the left is an author shot from the waist up of a smiling bearded man with dark hair, wearing an open necked white shirt and dark jacket, with crossed arms. On the right is the book cover which has the title in big pink upper case letters over an orange and yellow illustration of a boy and a girl holding up the letters of the title, with some Australian big things in the background - a Merino sheep, a pineapple and a prawn.

Book review: The Next Big Thing, James Colley

Easy beach read romcom is quintessentially Australian in flavour.

Installation view, 'Dawn Ng: Avalanche', Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, 2024. Image: Courtesy of the artist and Sullivan+Strumpf. Photo: Carl Warner. A video still against a black background that depicts a ice block coloured in different shades and melting.

Exhibition review: Dawn Ng: Avalanche, Institute of Modern Art

A single-channel video that can evoke different emotions and interpretations.

Close up of artwork of a white female chest, with eyes in the place of nipples.

Exhibition review: From The Other Side, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art

Local and international works focus on the fear of the monstrous-feminine.

A table laden with food and candles.

Theatre review: Perpetual Stew, Midsumma Festival

Bite-sized stories served at dinner.

The Magic Flute. A man in blue overalls and shirt playing a flute. There are silhouettes of birds on a curtain behind him.

Opera review: The Magic Flute, Sydney Opera House

A new iteration by director Kate Gaul on Mozart's classic search for truth and reason, love and enlightenment.

Portent. A group of musicians and actors perform a ritual inspired by eclipses. Silhouettes of the audience are at the front of the shot.

Performance review: Portent (a ritual), Holmes à Court Gallery

A collaborative work spanning visual and performing arts inspired by solar eclipses.

Dead End. Image is a spotlit women stretching behind and to the right, with the light just on the left of her body as we look at her.

Performance review: Dead End, Blue Room Theatre

A Ukrainian-Australian cast and crew's surreal presentation of being assaulted by war.

Dome Under Film Festival, Scienceworks. Image is an abstract swirling image with a brain like central figure surrounded by tiny figures.

Film reviews: Future Visions: Dome Under Film Festival, Scienceworks

A festival of short films specially curated at the Planetarium took advantage of the stereo sound and immersive structure.

Tiny Beautiful Things. Image is a middle-aged woman in a red shirt and brown cardigan, with long fair hair. She is holding her hands up in the air with her elbows bent, as if explaining something.

Theatre review: Tiny Beautiful Things, Belvoir St Theatre

Adapted from the book of the same name, this play may be affirming or cloying, depending on your own circumstances.

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