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Sydney Theatre Company. Into the Shimmering World. Image is a stage set of a farmhouse kitchen, set upon a platform with stairs up to it. Three of the four walls are missing and a man in farmer's clothes stands on the left of the platform with arms outstretched.

Theatre review: Into the Shimmering World, Sydney Theatre Company Wharf Theatres

The brutality of the Australian landscape is evoked to tell a story of love, loss and renewal. 

David O'Doherty. A man wearing a plaid shirt and a blue, red and white striped beanie with a bobble holds a small keyboard in front of him obscuring the bottom half of his face and all of his chest.

Comedy review: David O'Doherty: Ready, Steady David O'Doherty, The Capitol, MICF 2024

The funny Irishman returns for another entertaining gig of music and stories.

Headshot of a woman of Asian appearance with glasses, red lipstick and a bun with strands of hair down each side of her face. Lizzy Hoo.

Comedy review: Lizzy Hoo: Hoo's That Girl?, The Victoria Hotel, MICF 2024

Relationship splitsville, online dating and a mishap during a radio interview, Hoo's recent life is rifled for laughs.

Image is a yellow backdrop behind a woman of Asian appearance with long dark wavy hair and smiling eyes, with her face partially obscured by a large sunflower.

Comedy review: Diana Nguyen: Sunny Side Up, Melbourne Town Hall, MICF 2024

What to do post-break up? Run to Spain and trek along the Camino de Santiago trail, of course!

Arj Barker. Image is an illustration of a male with a blue face and red tinged hair. There is a multicoloured glow emanating from his head.

Comedy review: Arj Barker: The Mind Field, Athenaeum Theatre, MICF 2024

A protracted reliance on fart jokes derails the US comedian's latest show.

Against a black background a woman has one arm stretched out to the side and the other above her head. She has a mask of an oversized mouth on the bottom half of her face and is leaning to the left. Nina Conti

Comedy review: Nina Conti, Your Face or Mine, The Capitol, MICF 2024

The endlessly entertaining woman with nerves of steel and a hand up a monkey's bottom is back...

Image is a red background with a chest-up shot of a middle aged man wearing glasses, suit and tie and looking out at the camera with a neutral expression, behind a sheet of shattered glass.

Comedy review: Ed Byrne: Tragedy Plus Time, The Malthouse, MICF 2024

The Irish comic proves that no subject is too dark for humour... if you approach it right.


Comedy review: Kirsty Mann: Skeletons, The Malthouse, MICF 2024

Comedy from a genuinely kind person...

Installation view of a gallery showing mannequins in period Parisian dresses, there are also pictures on the wall. Paris: Impressions of Life.

Exhibition Review: Paris: Impressions of Life 1880-1925, Bendigo Art Gallery

Enchanting and escapist showcase that nonetheless shies away from depicting the less glamorous side of Parisian life.

Hannah Gadsby. Image is a woman with short hair and a black jumper with a big green image of an open mouthed ghost on the front. She is holding a microphone and smiling.

Comedy review: Hannah Gadsby: Woof!, Arts Centre Melbourne, MICF 2024

The star of global hit show 'Nanette' makes a welcome return to the stage.

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