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Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf. Image is a proscenium arch stage set of a dingy living room, with a woman in a red shirt draped across the couch and a man in a grey cardigan sitting on the edge leaning toward her.

Theatre review: Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Red Stitch Actors' Theatre

Edward Albee's excoriating exploration of an embattled marriage returns for a modern spin.

The Lost Boys. Image is a line of people on stage the diagonal, with their sides/backs to us looking off to the left.

Performance review: The Lost Boys, Seymour Centre

An immersive landscape inspired by J M Barrie's Neverland where the audience is invited to be a part of The…

Welcome to Your New Life. Image is of three people sitting in a Play School like set, a man and a woman on a couch, looking expectant and listening intently, and a third person on a cube with the number 7 on the side talking to them.

Theatre Review: Welcome to Your New Life, State Theatre Company SA

Based on a memoir, 'Welcome to your New Life' explores pregnancy and motherhood.

Paul Knight. Image is a large empty gallery save for one photographic image on a wall. There are different yellow planes jutting out from the walls.

Exhibition review: Paul Knight: L'ombre de ton ombre, MUMA

Paul Knight’s solo exhibition brings into focus the role of chance in human connection.

I Don't. Image is of an author sitting in a leather armchair, knees pulled up to her chest and with a hand under her chin looking at the camera. She is blonde and next to the chair is a large-leafed plant that is as tall as she is. On the right of the image is the book cover in black and white with a diagonal slant down the middle and the author's name in pink, plus the book's subtitle.

Book review: I Don't, Clementine Ford

Clementine Ford shows us how life could be for women if they weren't shackled to marriage.

Japanese. Image is of a gallery space with Japanese images related to the country's landscape and other artefacts on display.

Exhibition review: Misty Mountain, Shining Moon: Japanese landscape envisioned, AGSA

A rich collection of art across mediums and centuries reveals shifting connections with the Japanese landscape.

Bee Miles. Image is an author shot of a woman with short red hair, glasses and a tan jacket. On the right is a book cover in blue with large yellow lettering and the small figure of a woman.

Book review: Bee Miles, Rose Ellis

Bee Miles was punished for daring to defy conventional expectations of female behaviour.

Parlour Parlëur. Image is a golden table with green top, half-completed jigsaw and shallow dishes, with torn images adorning the walls of the gallery space.

Exhibition review: Parlour Parlëur, Penrith Regional Gallery

The past and the future collide in the latest fascinating "confabulation" from the ArtHitects team.

Oil. Image is of a older grey haired woman in glasses and bulky padded yellow/green coat, who is pointing at a prism, which is also being looked at by a younger woman in similar attire with shortish brown hair and kneeling down.

Theatre review: Oil, Wharf 1 Theatre, Sydney

An historical play that explores the fault lines of colonialism, empire and capitalism.

Song Circle. Image is five First Nations musicians standing and sitting on stage, four men, one woman and some guitars.

Performance review: Song Circle, QPAC

An emotional evening of Australian stories from First Nations legends of music.

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