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A group of actors huddle together in traditional Shakespearean costumes. One at the front is skulling a can of alcohol.

Comedy Festival, Sh!t-faced Shakespeare, Athenaeum Theatre, MICF 2024

Mix one completely inebriated player into the cast of 'Macbeth' and see what mayhem ensues.


Comedy review: Circus Oz: Smash It! Arts Centre Melbourne, MICF 2024

This new Circus Oz production is as lively as ever, but a pared down version of previous shows.

West Side Story by Opera Australia. A dark harbourside long shot of two young lovers - Tony and Maria - standing on metal balcony embracing, with a cityscape behind them.

Opera review: West Side Story, Sydney Harbour

A stunning revival production of Opera on the Harbour’s biggest hit musical.

Cool Water. On the left is a head shot of a woman with red lipstick and short dark hair, she is looking slightly defensively at the camera. On the right is a blue book cover of a fish in a jar and the title in yellow.

Book review: Cool Water, Myfanwy Jones

Fathers and sons and how damage can be inherited.


Music review: Adelaide Symphony Orchestra Symphony Series 2: Horizons, Adelaide Town Hall

Violinist Emily Sun shines in Max Bruch’s famed Violin Concerto No. 1.

GRIT. Image is four young people on a stage against a black backdrop. A man at the front has a mic and is shielding his eyes from the light with his hand. Behind him two woman are also singing into mics, while a third woman is closer to the front sitting on a seat with crossed legs and lacing her fingers around her knee.

Performance review: GRIT, Perseverance Street Studio, Queensland

Captivating songs and stories about regional towns.


Book review: Always Will Be, Mykaela Saunders

Speculative fiction that foregrounds the Indigenous experience.

Akaraka. A dark set with two people of African appearance, a woman with braided hair and a wraparound shoulderless costume, wearing a red necklace and an older seated man, dressed in regal robes with a red hat.

Theatre review: Akaraka, The Substation

Akaraka grapples with topics related to the West African diaspora in Australia.

Big Yikes! Image is a young woman in a blue skirt and yellow jumper, upstage with a square tunnel like framing her.

Theatre review: Big Yikes!, Brisbane Powerhouse

A coming-of-age story exploring life after school.


Book review: Kind of, Sort of, Maybe, But Probably Not, Imbi Neeme

A quirky novel that explores – among other things – the condition of misophonia.

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