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Reasons To Be Invisible by Katy Warner. Image by Janko Ferlic

Regional theatre company, Lab Kelpie, wins prestigious theatre award   

Katy Warner's 'Reasons To Be Invisible' will be developed by Lab Kelpie thanks to the Australian Children’s Theatre Foundation and…


Giving emerging musicians a break

A new ANU and Folk Festival partnership offers opportunities for emerging musicians.


How Patch Theatre plans to enrich Adelaide’s arts ecology

Rehearsal spaces are ‘like hens' teeth’ in Adelaide; in its new home in Kent Town, Patch Theatre aims to change…

Four young women lie in an intimate heap on stage.

Theatre review: Seven Sisters, Perth Festival

The latest WAYTCo production is a rich tapestry of story and self-reflection inspired by our connection to the stars.


Paving the path for next-generation performers

The success of Stagecoach’s model is built upon not only a passion for the arts, but also ongoing support and…


Drama school isn’t just about actor training: it’s building foundations for life

The National Theatre Drama School’s Foundation in Acting course provides a solid grounding in acting, script analysis and theatre-making over…


How your performing arts skills can equip you for a new career

Becoming a Stagecoach franchisee won’t just provide you with a rewarding new job: it will utilise your arts skills for…

four teenage girls standing in a line reading lines from a play, rehearsing onstage

Youth theatre spaces vital for social reconnection

As young people continue to process their COVID experiences, the role of participatory theatre in mental health safety is brought…


Exit interview: Sue Giles, Artistic Director, Polyglot

After 22 years at Polyglot, Sue Giles AM moves on to focus on international advocacy for theatre for young audiences.


New program and personnel prove a gamechanger for Musica Viva

Musica Viva's renewal after COVID offers a tantalising program of collaborations and new directions.

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