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Book review: The Luminous Solution

A wide-ranging contemplation on art and artistic expression.


Cancelled festival turns into podcasts

Melbourne Writers Festival launches podcasts and First Nation events.


Why bookshops are good for you

Browsing in bookshops is good for our psychological health, making Love Your Bookshop Day all the more important.


Book review: We, Hominids by Frank Westerman, translated by Sam Garrett

Early bone hunters tell us what it means to be human.


Book review: Late Bloomer, Clem Bastow

A memoir that challenges stereotypes about Autism in mainstream media.

Opinions & Analysis

Publishing models for changed conditions

Which publishing models can thrive in these uneasy times? The answer might surprise.


Between the covers: what to read this month

Are you in need of literary balm and distraction?


Book review: Puff Piece, John Safran

Captain Sarcasmo digs deep into the murky world of big tobacco and the future of smoking.


The Novel Cure: How books can soothe what ails you

Reading can be a safe harbour and a good self-care remedy in these anxious times.


Book review: Two Afternoons in the Kabul Stadium, Tim Bonyhady

A visual history of 20th-century Afghanistan.

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