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podcast. a line of people stand and smile at the camera

Australian Podcast Awards announce 2023 winners

Celebrating Australia's best and most popular audio content, this year's podcast awards gave 30 gongs to everything from true crime…

The Opposite of Success. Image is a black and white author's pic of a woman in a flowery blouse with glasses and shoulder length hair parted on the side, sitting with arms crossed on a table. She is smiling at the camera. On the right is a green and pink book cover with an illustration of a cheerless woman with her chin on her arm, behind a wine glass.

Book review: The Opposite of Success, Eleanor Elliott Thomas

A witty and charming debut about motherhood, friendship and work in contemporary times.

Everyone on this Train is a Suspect. Image is an author headshot of a bearded, dark haired man with a black v neck t-shirt, against a yellow background, and on the right hand side a book cover of the book's title in large font and a bird of prey with wings outstretched.

Book review: Everyone on this Train is a Suspect, Benjamin Stevenson

An intriguing mystery yarn where a trainload of mystery writers are themselves the detectives.

The Naturalist of Amsterdam. Image is a side on above the bust author's shot of a woman in a green shirt with light red shoulder length hair. smiling, and on the right an orange book cover featuring a sparse tree, two butterflies and a caterpillar.

Book review: The Naturalist of Amsterdam, Melissa Ashley

Ashley's latest book is an historical fiction set at the turn of the 18th century and featuring unsung women who…

ecstasy. Image is a widely smiling man in a black shirt playing the violin.

Music Review: Ecstasy, Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, Symphony Series 8, Adelaide Town Hall

The ASO's final Symphony Series for 2023 featured outstanding contributions from violinist Anthony Marwood and conductor Chloé van Soeterstède.

Only Sound Remains. Image is a book cover of a black soundwave on a light background and on the right an author's headshot of a man in black T shirt, colourful shirt, glasses, beard and peaked cap.

Book review: Only Sound Remains, Hossein Asgari

A novel exploring a father-son relationship and Iranian diasporic poetry.

Green Dot. Image is of a woman from the waist up with short red hair and a red shirt, and on the right a book cover of a black and white illustration of a faceless woman in front of a burning house.

Book review: Green Dot, Madeleine Gray

This impressive debut explores the complexities of love in the context of an illicit workplace romance.

Cover of At the Foot of the Cherry Tree and a picture of the author, Alli Parker, a young woman with long brown hair wearing a blue/grey jumper.

Book review: At the Foot of the Cherry Tree by Alli Parker

The moving true story of a WWII love that changed the White Australia policy.

The In-Between. image is a book cover showing two tiny figures on the horizon beneath the book's title, next to a head and chest shot of the author on the right, a smiling middle-aged man in a black buttoned up shirt, standing in front of foliage.

Book review: The In-Between, Christos Tsiolkas

Christos Tsiolkas' new novel is a tender and poignant tale about a later-life romance between two men.

Runt. Image is a young girl lying on a deck against an ottoman, with a book in her hands, but looking up at a grey haired dog above her standing on the ottoman. She is wearing a yellow top, pink dress and brown Blundstone boots.

Runt: Craig Silvey’s novel heads for the big screen

Jai Courtney, Celeste Barber and Deborah Mailman are among the cast for the forthcoming Australian film.

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