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A photo of Claire Christian, a romance author with short, bleached hair and black glasses. She's standing against a flower background.

Romance as BookTok feminism? Australian authors disrupting the form

Competing with BookTok's global success and the traditional misogynistic response towards romance books, Australian authors are looking to innovate.

So Close to Home. Image is an author headshot on the left of a bald headed middle aged man in a brown shirt and a book cover depicting a sky at sunset with the silhouette of a young man in a hoodie in the foreground, on the right.

Book review: So Close to Home, Mick Cummins

A powerful and authentic tale of drug addiction.

Beatrix & Fred. Image is a black and white headshot of the author on the left, she has dark hair and polo neck jumper. On the right is a blue book cover with the title and a dead (upside down) canary at the bottom of the image.

Book review: Beatrix & Fred, Emily Spurr

Two loners and their odd, off-kilter relationship.

Gods and Monsters by Chris Wormersley. Image is a book cover on the left with a car with a light inside on a dark night, and on the right an author's shot of a grey haired and bearded man with glasses, a white shirt and a grey suit jacket.

Book Review: Ordinary Gods and Monsters, by Chris Womersley

A suburban crime thriller with darkly humorous undertones.

Days of Innocence and Wonder. Image is an author's shot on the left of a woman in a blue T shirt with a blond bob and cradling her chin in her hand and a book cover on the right showing a blue sky and a broken down old cottage.

Book Review: Days of Innocence and Wonder, Lucy Treloar

In the aftermath of a childhood tragedy, a young woman seeks safety and healing in a ramshackle town.

queer fairy tales. Image is a smiling bearded man with multicoloured framed glasses and one big dangly multicoloured earring on the left, and a book cover on the right depicting an oval green landscape image with a river and crescent moon, surrounded by foliage.

Book review: Everything Under the Moon, edited by Michael Earp

A beautiful collection of original and reimagined 'fairy tales told in a queerer light'.

podcast. a line of people stand and smile at the camera

Australian Podcast Awards announce 2023 winners

Celebrating Australia's best and most popular audio content, this year's podcast awards gave 30 gongs to everything from true crime…

The Opposite of Success. Image is a black and white author's pic of a woman in a flowery blouse with glasses and shoulder length hair parted on the side, sitting with arms crossed on a table. She is smiling at the camera. On the right is a green and pink book cover with an illustration of a cheerless woman with her chin on her arm, behind a wine glass.

Book review: The Opposite of Success, Eleanor Elliott Thomas

A witty and charming debut about motherhood, friendship and work in contemporary times.

Everyone on this Train is a Suspect. Image is an author headshot of a bearded, dark haired man with a black v neck t-shirt, against a yellow background, and on the right hand side a book cover of the book's title in large font and a bird of prey with wings outstretched.

Book review: Everyone on this Train is a Suspect, Benjamin Stevenson

An intriguing mystery yarn where a trainload of mystery writers are themselves the detectives.

The Naturalist of Amsterdam. Image is a side on above the bust author's shot of a woman in a green shirt with light red shoulder length hair. smiling, and on the right an orange book cover featuring a sparse tree, two butterflies and a caterpillar.

Book review: The Naturalist of Amsterdam, Melissa Ashley

Ashley's latest book is an historical fiction set at the turn of the 18th century and featuring unsung women who…

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