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Theatre review: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Condensing the theatrical epic from two parts to one results in a sometimes breathless production, but one in which emotion…


Fair brings 100 artists on site (to chat)

The Other Art Fair is an energetic setting in which to meet artists and support their practices. Where else will…


Theatre review: Hercules

A modern lens dismantling of the myth-making behind the heroic figure of Hercules.


Musical review: Driftwood

A story of creativity, family and resilience that revolves about Jewish identity and diaspora.


How an artist helped turn Kooyong teal

Book designer WH Chong tells ArtsHub why he helped campaign for Dr Monique Ryan, the newly elected independent member for…


Theatre review: The Return

A suspenseful and powerful new work about the repatriation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander remains.


Exhibition review: Who are you: Australian Portraiture

Over 200 works speak to the various forms of Australian identity.


Why a would-be art critic ran away to join the circus

Circus artist Ciara Thorburn explains how training at the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) helped her find her inner…


Opera review: Lohengrin

A celebrated tenor performs one of his most iconic roles along with a well supported cast.


Theatre review: Law and Order: PTV

An all-singing all-dancing troupe of Public Transport Inspectors enforce law and order on the fine citizens of Melbourne.

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