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Hannah Gadsby on being an autistic queer comedian

RMIT PhD candidate Clem Bastow discusses comedian Hannah Gadsby’s new book, Ten Steps to Nanette, and how it relates her…


Book review: We've Got This, edited by Eliza Hull

A trailblazing publication that explores the world of disabled parents in Australia.


Book review: The Shortest History of Democracy, John Keane

A solid attempt to make sense of what's happening on the local and international political stage.

A woman (Blaise van Hecke) looks up from her laptop.

Vale Blaise van Hecke

Death of a vibrant supporter of writing and publishing.


Book review: Skin Deep, Phillipa McGuinness

A book about the largest organ in our body.

Four women in profile pictures: top left to right Leanne Hall, Jordi Albiston, Karen Wyld abnd Tara June Winch

Adelaide Festival Awards for Literature showcase excellence

This year's prize winners are a diverse group and many of the top prizes go to women.


Book review: Walking Through Honey, Brian Sherman

Despite fame and fortune, a philanthropists reveals the levelling effects of illness.


Book review: Sheilas, Eliza Reilly

A chronological journey through the lives and crimes of world-changing women.


Book review: Hard Knocks, edited by Fiona Scott-Norman

I get knocked down, I get up again: stories of bullying in schools.


Book review: You're Doing it Wrong, Kaz Cooke

An historical exploration of bad advice through the ages and a rallying call for women to challenge it.

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