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Flinders Quartet: Shall We Dance?

The title of this concert was an invitation to the dance that was both issued and picked up by the…


Getting serious about Australian music

Our live music scene is internationally renowned but threatened at home, a situation Dr Ianto Ware is keen to address.


Opera’s Triple Threat

An over-long performance detracted from some strong performances and powerful compositions.

Opinions & Analysis

The parlous state of Australian art music

Taxpayer funding of orchestras should be dependent on Australian content.



EMI: The sixth studio album from Icelandic post-rock band Sigur Rós is the group’s most introspective and ambient release to…


Love Never Dies

REGENT THEATRE: Magnificent staging and strong performances can’t hide the hollow heart of Lloyd Webber’s latest musical monolith. Three stars.


The Art of the Pianist/Composer

RIVERSIDE THEATRE: The Art of the Pianist/Composer is an exploration of the better known pianist/composers starting with Bach, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky…


Ben Cousins: A Rock Opera

MELBOURNE INTERNATIONAL COMEDY FESTIVAL: Ben Cousins the 'bad boy' (among a few I'm sure) of Australian Rules was a logical…


Life’s A Circus: Theatre Works

It’s not very often that a new Australian musical is written these days, especially in the times of the US…


MUSIC REVIEW: 21st Century Australian Composers

21st Century Australian Composers Program 2008-09, Finalists Concert, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Iwaki Auditorium, 4 February 2009, Melbourne.

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