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someone at a laptop looking at online art for purchase

How COVID-response online arts are still thriving

Lockdowns may be behind us, but audiences continue to engage in online arts, with some surprising trends emerging.

artwork in train station over escalators by Chris Fox
Career Advice

Getting public art right

A new toolkit makes navigating the detail-heavy environment of public art commissions easy with checklists and solid advice.


Rudy Jean Rigg: ‘Every week is Trans Awareness Week for me!’

Rudy Jean Rigg is a non-binary athlete, activist, and content creator best known for the TikTok series Rainbow History Class.…


Don’t underestimate your potential for digital growth

We know creatives and organisations need to embrace digital audience engagement, but a new short course shows it is not…


ACMI VR Commissions push against the limits

As Tully Arnot’s latest VR project is unveiled at ACMI, ArtsHub takes a look at how the Mordant Family Commission…


How AI art benefits from a human touch

Instead of AI threatening creativity and originality, artists have the power to examine its implicit biases and steer its direction.


Global report takes pulse on Creative Industries

How does Australia’s view of Creative Industries fit with UNCTAD – the World Congress on Creative Economy’s view?


Is tech changing the legacy of theatremakers?

While some remain sceptical of live-streaming and digital theatre, that documentation can become invaluable for next generation theatremakers dealing with…


Automated plagiarism: Furore over ‘computer’ winning art prize

Turf wars between artists and AI generators - a topic that is the tip of an iceberg worthy of a…

Evasion Score II (Domestic Security), 2021. Image: Roslyn Orlando

Digital intimacies and echoes in space

Roslyn Orlando's work explores connection and togetherness in the digital realm.

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