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Performance review: Briefs – Dirty Laundry, Sydney Mardi Gras

A Mardi Gras headline act, this queer acrobatic troupe returns for more mischief.

Profile photo of a man with brown hair and a black t-shirt against a blue background. Daniel Connell.

Comedy review: Daniel Connell: Little Aussie Battler, Fringe World, WA

A comic with the requisite flair for storytelling.


Performance review: The Wharf Revue: Pride in Prejudice, Union Theatre

In its 25th year, The Wharf Revue is a well-oiled production, but the writing has a few hiccups. 

Candide. A group of flamboyantly dressed 18th century figures gather around a bare chested central figure.

Theatre review: Candide, Palais Theatre

Operatic technique played second fiddle to a hilarious and hugely enjoyable production. 

Blinded by the Whites. Image is a man in glasses with a thick moustache wearing a red and white striped track suit top and resting his chin in his palm.

Comedy review: Blinded by the Whites, Daniel Muggleton, FRINGE WORLD, WA

A comic who covers a wide range of topics, from gender and intergenerational differences to political and economic issues.

Hobart Festival of Comedy. Image is of a man wearing a lot of makeup and sporting a huge open mouthed grin, while standing in a blue strobing spotlight.

Hobart to host new comedy festival in 2024

Building on Hobart’s strong local comedy scene and presented by the team behind Dark Mofo, the new festival will run…

Feast Festival. Image is a drag king with exaggerated makeup and holding a boom box on their shoulder.

Performance review: FEAST Festival, Adelaide

Adelaide's LGBTQIA+ Festival is here, and showcasing some incredible local talent.

Phil Wang. A young man in a green and blue top is waving.

Comedy review: Wang In There, Baby! – Phil Wang, Astor Theatre, Perth

Phil Wang's comedy explores cultural differences between East and West.

spooktacular. Image is illustration of two ghosts beside two people performing into mics to three ibises against a circular multicoloured backdrop with the silhouette or a large spooky hand across it.

Performance review: Spooktacular, Sue Benner Theatre

A cabaret treat on the spookiest night of the year.

Bacon. Image is a woman in a white wedding-like dress trying to dodge six orange balls being thrown at her.

Performance review: Bacon, A Dodgeball Named Desire, Melbourne Fringe Festival

Navigating self-acceptance and homophobia in one show, dodging a slew of balls in another, with sport versus arts.

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