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Cabaret review: Bernie Dieter’s Weimar Punk

A potent voice, a sparkly costume and some well honed storytelling equals a night of pure entertainment.

A red-haired woman, her eyes dark with kohl, holds a fox and stares into the camera.

New cabaret celebrates bohemian icon Vali Myers

And Then You Go – The Vali Myers Project is premiering at the 2022 Adelaide Cabaret Festival.

A gender diverse group of cabaret artists.

Creating COVID-safe audience participation on stage

How does an artform that’s reliant on intimacy and audience participation adapt to COVID-safe protocols?


Cabaret review: 30 Something, Catherine Alcorn and Phil Scott

An entertaining lounge act full of old and reimagined hits.


Why classic cabaret still resonates

The 1930s remains a source of fascination for contemporary artists – why does the era keep drawing us back?


How to make your tour greener

A new toolkit will help performing arts companies reduce the environmental impact of their tours.

A dark-haired woman lounges langurously on a pink armchair against a lacy pink curtain.

Nostalgia meets future: nurturing cabaret

The 2022 Adelaide Cabaret Festival has a focus on Australian multiculturalism and nostalgia, and a commitment to growing the artform.


Theatre review: Cabaret Festival Variety Gala

A degustation of what’s to come in this year’s Adelaide Cabaret Festival


Theatre review: The Chronic Cabaret, Fringe Rebound

A much-needed centring of disability and chronic illness wrapped in quality entertainment.


Theatre review: The Kaye Hole, QPAC

A spicy variety cabaret show of excess and spectacle.

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