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The Australian Ballet. Circle Electric. Bathed in a red glow a troupe of ballet dancers are assembled beneath a large neon hoop. The dancers are eclectic and in all sorts of shapes, one is held aloft surrounded by smoke.

Dance review: Études/Circle Electric, Sydney Opera House

A double bill of dance that canvasses contemporary and classical works.

Loving My Lying, Dying, Cheating Husband. Image on left is a black and white author headshot of a 40-something white woman with a blonde fringed bob and glasses, and an open necked shirt, smiling at the camera. On the right is a book cover depicting a large blue expanse of the sea and a bird's eye view of a small boat with a white triangular wake coming from it.

Book review: Loving My Lying, Dying, Cheating Husband, Kerstin Pilz

'Till death do us part' is put to the test in this heartbreaking memoir.

Model Minority Gone Rogue. Qin Qin. Image on left is an author shot from the waist up of a young woman of Chinese appearance wearing a grey top with lapels and glasses. She has shoulder length dark hair and her body is facing the left, with her head turned to smile at the camera. On the right is a green book cover of featuring a small Chinese girl holding a pink umbrella and wearing pink tights, a red jumper, green boots and a grey skirt. She is smiling at the camera.

Book review: Model Minority Gone Rogue, Qin Qin 

A memoir that tracks what happens when a formerly dutiful child decides to pursue her own path.

Heroic. Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. On the left is a shot chest up of a middle aged white man with grey hair wearing dark rimmed glasses, folding his arms and holding a conductor's baton. On the right is a younger dark haired man wearing a dark suit and tie over a white shirt, smiling at the camera and holding his hands in front of him.

Music Review: Heroic, Adelaide Town Hall

Leading Sibelian, Osmo Vänskä conducted a vivacious performance of Sibelius and Beethoven.

Embodied. Two female dancers on a dark stage, under two stage lights with barn doors are dressed in tight white skivvies and grey shorts, and are stretching their right arms up in the air.

Dance review: EMBODIED, Dancehouse

A double bill of dance captivated and entranced.

The Grinning Man. A huddle of seven young actors in vaguely Victorian/Edwardian clothing grasp and peer over each other with manically grinning faces.

Musical review: The Grinning Man, Alex Theatre

A number of miscalculations may make you grimace instead of grin in the Australian premiere of this British musical.

WAY. On a dark stage an older worried looking white woman in a grey hoodie is using a phone in a telephone box. A chair is on the right of the picture.

Theatre review: WAY, fortyfivedownstairs

A one-person show that skilfully covers a societal issue with empathy and compassion.

Two white men dressed in Victorian era garb sit on a stage, either side of a large theatrical costumes/props basket with a decanter on the top of it. One man is draped in a blanket and clutches a glass looking worriedly at the older grey haired man, who also looks concerned but off downstage right, clasping his hands in his lap.

Theatre review: The Woman in Black, QPAC

A powerful production of this acclaimed British thriller has commenced its Australian nationwide tour. 


Dance Review: SILENCE, His Majesty’s Theatre, WA

SILENCE is a plea for treaty in dance form with drum-heavy soundscapes and a clever use of comedy.

Peacemongers. Against a green backdrop an Asian woman and white man sit at a dinner table laden with food, candles and books. He holds a butternut pumpkin and she holds a wine glass. They are both wearing serviettes tucked into their collars.

Theatre review: Peacemongers, Darebin Arts Speakeasy

An experimental think piece that played with the concept of a perfect world.

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