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Aerial view of a crowd connected by lines.

Empathetic communicators are essential in a crisis

As the world navigates its way through life with coronavirus, it’s safe to say clear communication has never been more…

Summer Reading Guide

Melbourne University Publishing

Harlem Nights

The Secret History of Australia’s Jazz Age by Deirdre O'Connell

Summer Reading Guide

University of Melbourne Publishing

Great Properties of Tasmania

by Richard Allen and Kimbal Baker

Summer Reading Guide

Melbourne University Publishing

Doing Feminism

Women's Art and Feminist Criticism in Australia by Anne Marsh


Book review: The Best Australian Science Writing 2021

A diverse array of styles and subject matters that may challenge your ideas of what constitutes science writing.


Festival brings stories to your door

This year's Story Week will help bring art back to Sydney streets and beyond.


Book review: Girt Nation, David Hunt

An amusing and incisive commentary makes this history an irresistible read.


Book review: Signs and Wonders, Delia Falconer

An examination of how we are changing our climate, culture and language.

A stack of books with the top one called Bestseller on its spine
Opinions & Analysis

Marketing books in the digital age

As she grows her publishing house from scratch, Terri-ann White offers advice on marketing books.


Book review: Vernacular Visions, Noris Ioannou

A delightful look into folk creativity in Australia.

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