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Sprung!! Integrated Dance Theatre Inc, recipient of Create NSW’s Arts and Cultural Funding Program. Photo: Thomas Oliver. Outdoor in a park setting, a group of eight ensemble members from Sprung lean on each other. They appear relaxed.

Opportunities and awards

International book prize now open, winners receive $100,000 thanks to Arts Impact WA, finalists of emerging artist award, and more!

Live Bait. On the left is an author shot of a grey-haired with grey/white stubble, white man in his 40s/50s sitting at a table outside in the city, with his arms crossed in front of him and wearing a blue suit jacket over a darker blue T shirt. On the right is a book cover of an angler standing in a rushing river with fishing rod out. We can only see from the chest down to the knee and he is wearing a utility belt with a pistol in it.

Book review: Live Bait, Stephen Sewell

Can a novel succeed when it features a wilfully stupid protagonist?

Ordinary Human Love. On the left is a colour headshot of a white woman in her 30s/40s, with wavy dark shoulder length hair, parted in the middle and a V neck black top. The book cover on the right has a pinky/orange background and two lilac coloured statues with arms outstretched, one below the other reaching up as if they are about to kiss.

Book review: Ordinary Human Love, Melissa Goode

A debut novel that surveys intimate relationships and the nature of desire.

Only the Astronauts. Image on left is a head and shoulders shot of a white 30-something woman with hair pulled back, a big smile and a black jacket with raised collar. On the right is the book cover, largely grey with two pink clad astronauts on the far left and right the one on the left looking in towards the other's back, and the one on the right looking off to the right.

Book review: Only the Astronauts, Ceridwen Dovey

A highly imaginative collection of tales about inanimate objects in space.

writers' block. Image is a close-up of an empty notepad and some scrumpled up sheets of paper.
Career Advice

5 tips to beat writers' block

Easy steps to start writing again when you are creatively blocked.

Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize People's Choice winning work 'Six is the loneliest number' by Jessica Murtagh. Photo: Supplied. Glass globes with intricately painted leaves in green, black and gold.

Opportunities and awards

Grants up to $50,000 for First Nations creatives, plus winners of NSW Premier's Literary Awards, finalists of 2024 NATSIAA, and…

Image is an older white woman with shoulder length hair and grey at the temples. She wears a pearl necklace and a V white scoop neck top with a grey leaf pattern on it and is looking off to the right. The portrait, among two other works of Gina Rinehart, are reproduced in Vincent Namatjira's monograph. Image: Supplied, courtesy Thames & Hudson.

Gina Rinehart's own creativity revisited as she attacks Namatjira's portrait

Do you remember Gina Rinehart's poem 'Our Future'? Here it is, for those who missed it when it first came…

aerial view of people looking at art books

Autumn art reads

With the colder weather settling in, why not curl up with an art book? ArtsHub looks at the latest releases,…

Handwriting. Typing. Image is a glass jar against a black background, filled with a variety of pens and pencils.

New research shows handwriting as important as typing for children

A hybrid of digital skills and traditional pen(cil) and paper is recommended for optimal learning.


100 Story Building has a new address in Melbourne's west

A new home in Melbourne's west for a creative writing centre for the young.

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