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Exhibition Review: Alice in Wonderland, WA Museum

A world class exhibition revealing the history of Alice and the magic of Wonderland.


Exhibition review: Zampatti Powerhouse

An exclusive retrospective on an Australian designer that deserves the international stage.


Delightful ways to play and interact with the museum experience   

Museum of Brisbane’s Play Moves leads the way in immersive and participatory museum experiences.

Inside the incredible mind of Alexander McQueen

A sure-to-be blockbuster exhibition at the NGV presents an unrivalled look at the fashion legend’s legacy.

model in fashion shoot wearing Carla Zampatti

More than frock-clad mannequins, Zampatti empowered change

New exhibition on trailblazing Australian Designer Carla Zampatti offers a social lens for gender-based, and multicultural narratives through fashion.

Carclew with visitors on the lawn

Carclew celebrates 50 years of youth arts in South Australia

In its 50th year of operation, Carclew reflects on the past while warmly embracing the future.

Kerry Toomey's artworks on display

From coast to Country, First Nations artists celebrated

Whether turning to local First Nations artists or to artists living remotely on Country, Hazelhurst Arts Centre takes an embedded…


Fashion appropriation igniting backlash from art sector

News of wearable collections which exploits working-class labour and lack artwork authorisation prompts deeper questions into the increasing crossover between…


Exhibition review: Embodiment

A sensory, immersive exhibition from emerging artists.


Exhibition review: Fantastical Worlds

A playful survey that showcases the work of four artists and designer across styles and centuries.

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