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Concert review: To Barbra, With Love!

An all-star line up pay tribute to a musical icon.

The body of a young man lies in a shallow pool of water. Another young man kneels over him tenderly.

Concert review: Watershed, Adelaide Festival

This compelling and deeply moving act of communal remembrance features a libretto co-written by Christos Tsiolkas and Alana Valentine.


Installation review: Songs to Experience, Perth Festival

A site-specific marriage of sound and image based around musician Ta-ku’s forthcoming album.


Hate crime inspires new oratorio

The 50th anniversary of the drowning of Dr Duncan will be commemorated in a new composition at this year’s Adelaide…


Performance review: The Acoustic Life of Boatsheds, Big hART

Ferry-boarded to encounter original performances inspired by the boatsheds, workshops and waterways of Sydney.


Concert review: Seraphim Trio, Musica Viva

Chamber music played with confidence and exuberance.


Concert review: DeepBlue and K Mak

An orchestra with electronic innovation and a flair for the dramatic.


Concert Review: Destinations, Belle Chen, OzAsia Festival

An engaging evening of new-wave classical music.


Concert review: Symphony Series 5, ASO

Pianist Konstantin Shamray shines in an exceptional performance of the hallowed ‘Rach 3.'


Concert review: Musica Viva

A delightful musical journey from New Guinea to New York.