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Program nurtures mental health alongside art

A new program involves those living with mental heath issues to build their creative practice.

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People first after lockdown, psychologist urges

Greta Bradman provides practical advice about better mental health in our latest Recovery Roadmap Webinar video.

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Handling your reopening anxiety

Re-opening challenges us all but 'Aspy' Ben Sorensen thinks we should go at our own speed.


Maintaining mental health after lockdown

Registrations are now open for the latest Recovery Roadmap Webinar, featuring registered psychologist Greta Bradman.

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Am I depressed, or just over it?

A kit of resources and advice tailored for the arts on World Mental Health Day


The Novel Cure: How books can soothe what ails you

Reading can be a safe harbour and a good self-care remedy in these anxious times.

First Aid box in dark times

New Mental Health First Aid training for the screen industry

A new screen industry program offers a lifeline for creatives struggling with mental health. Ben Steel says training for mental…

Opinions & Analysis

How Australians are surviving lockdown through the arts

New research by Frederic Kiernan, Anthony Chmiel, Sandra Garrido, Martha Hickey, and Jane W. Davidson looks at the role of…

A sign reads 'Lockdown but don't lockdown your heart. Louis the breakfast club.'
Opinions & Analysis

Creating unexpected encounters

Why do we need unexpected encounters in our lives now more than ever? Esther Anatolitis explains and suggests three small…

Career Advice

Strategies from artists coping with COVID, or not

Advice from artists to artists on coping with the ongoing battering by COVID-19

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