Balancing act: six tips for managing multiple creative projects without burnout

Anxiety and burnout are on the rise for creative industry professionals. Our guide provides help on managing multiple projects sustainably.
A young film editor collapses at his desk from burnout on multiple projects.

Most working artists do not have a “regular day” at the office. No two days are the same, and multiple projects often collide, making for long working hours and tight deadlines. The effect on mental health is profound. Reports of moderate to severe anxiety in the entertainment industry are 10 times higher than in the general population. Often left without a working nine-to-five and a human resources department that provides routines and boundaries, those in the creative industries are left managing multiple creative projects and are at severe risk of burning out.

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David Burton is a writer from Meanjin, Brisbane. David also works as a playwright, director and author. He is the playwright of over 30 professionally produced plays. He holds a Doctorate in the Creative Industries.