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Open car boot at market sale.

A new trend: artist car boot sales

Is it about broadening opportunities for artists in our post-pandemic world, or downgrading the value of professional practice?


Audience hesitancy is Omicron’s new curse

Omicron has increased audience hesitancy around attending arts events, but is change in sight?

The four members of the Australian String Quartet sit under a bridge holding their instruments.

Flexible thinking replaces old subscription models

The pandemic has forced new ways of thinking, including new approaches to subscriptions and seasons.


Youngest NFT artist raises awareness for tweens

Whether you’ve got your grips on NFTs yet, this 10 year old artist is diving into NFTs for a cause.


Celebrating the digital pivots of 2021

From phoenix festivals to million dollar fairs, the year ushered another wave of innovators turning challenges into opportunities.


Threatened birdsongs top the charts

As environmental concerns grow, creatives in the music industry are propelling a new path.


Digital Concert Hall goes national

Melbourne Digital Concert Hall gains a new name and a new national focus.


Chamber music alliance commits to strengthening artform

Building opportunities for its member ensembles, Chamber Music Adelaide also grows audiences by presenting performances in unusual locations.

Career Advice

Tips for artist branding

Compelling storytelling lies at the heart of branding and can help artists strengthen their audience connection.


Art and science against the climate crisis

From COVID to climate, Rose Hiscock presents the collaborative power of arts and science to dispel myths and provoke action.

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