The one-stop career toolkit for 2024

A practical career tool kit of “how to” advice to arm you for 2024 – all in one place!
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There is no shortage of career advice out there, especially at this time of the year when intentions are geared towards arming you for a reboot. However, a lot of these advice stories are padded out with fluff.

What that means is, you spend more time visiting Dr Google to harness all that information, rather than reading through it.

ArtsHub has pulled together our most read “how to” and tips stories in a one-stop career toolkit as a quick reference point to bookmark for 2024. We will keep this list outside our paywall to make it easy for you.

For early career starters

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Photo: Chris Montgomery via Unsplash.

For arts managers

Photo: Bruce Mars, Unsplash.

Specifically for artists and creatives

Photo: Annie Spratt, Unsplash.

For freelancers

Photo: Kostiantyn Li, Unsplash.

When you need a mental health boost or burnout recovery

Photo: Fran Tay via Unsplash.

For help with visibility and traction

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