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The wind blowing from Maningrida to Paris

Five artists from Maningrida in West Arnhem Land are finally departing for their Paris exhibition at the Australian Embassy.

Opinions & Analysis

Am I a good ally to disabled artists?

Based on her research into what makes a good ally, Associate Professor Bree Hadley looks at how we can improve…


Call for arts teaching review

Teachers and educators are concerned that the arts curriculum is not being effectively taught in Australian schools.


How artists can survive climate anxiety

Climate despair can be stifling for artists or anyone who doesn’t feel like they are doing ‘enough' to impact change.…


Young dancers put their best feet forward

Members of the youth dance sector will be networking, training and performing at the Australian Youth Dance Festival in Melbourne…

Victor Rubin, After Glow from the forthcoming exhibition 'Points to View' at Fox Galleries

Claiming art purchases on your tax

Ever wondered whether that artwork in your studio or office could help your tax return? Michael Fox has the answers.

Career Advice

Top 3 tips for emerging arts managers

With many in the sector working in administrative roles, we’ve asked arts leaders from Darwin to Hobart and Perth to…

Opinions & Analysis

Jacinda Ardern on why the arts need to be universally accessible

New Zealand's Prime Minister and Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage says art should be for the many, not the…


Freeing the arts from the yoke of neoliberalism

A pervasive ideology has encouraged us to see individuals, not a society; to think of competition as natural and emphasise…


Why your brain wants you knitting

Albert Einstein, Julia Gillard, Eleanor Roosevelt and Christopher Walken all knitted. Maybe that's why they were more successful than you.

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