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Caring as an artist

The incredible story of a mother's life, and the devastating fallout of her stroke...

Opinions & Analysis

Wish list for new arts program on ABC TV

What would the team at ArtsHub and ScreenHub like to see featured in the national broadcaster's new arts program?

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An accessible tour guide of a beachside sculpture festival

Visiting this year's SWELL Sculpture Festival from the perspective of a person who uses a wheelchair.

Opinions & Analysis

Equity in art opportunities

What practical steps can organisations take to ensure application and selection processes in the sector are equitable for all?

Opinions & Analysis

Forget AI, why viralism is costing you your job

Perhaps technology is not the greatest threat to your livelihood after all?

There's Something About Music from L to R: Irena Lysiuk, Naomi Price, Luke Kennedy and Marcus Corowa Photo: Damien Bredburg

Review: Brisbane Festival opening

An eclectic opening night event set the tone of inclusivity and diversity for Brisbane Festival’s 2023 program.

Image of the ArtsHub website on a variety of digital devices
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Letter from the CEO of ArtsHub

Support ArtsHub to continue its 23-year mission.

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Burning questions

Author Melanie Saward reflects on the evolution of her first novel, ‘Burn’, and what happens when Indigenous kids are severed…

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Structural transformation to support gender equity in the arts

Institutions need to consider how creative labour, practice and outputs are valued.

Opinions & Analysis

We need to talk about money in the arts

Having open conversations about what we earn and how we manage money is the only way to a richer arts…

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