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We need to talk about money in the arts

Having open conversations about what we earn and how we manage money is the only way to a richer arts…

Opinions & Analysis

Talking about languages and why sovereign peoples don’t want to be called Indigenous

A recent panel discussed the importance of language and self-determination for First Nations people.

Line-up of nine people standing in front of Arts Access Victoria's office, each window displaying art images of faces
Opinions & Analysis

Mapping the future for Disability Arts in Australia

A week-long residency provided potential pathways for Deaf and Disability arts in Australia.

Opinions & Analysis

How can we cover the arts without arts journalists?

With mounting numbers of redundancies among specialist arts journalists, can the discipline be saved?

Opinions & Analysis

Why are we giving shows like Miss Saigon a rerun in 2023?

As the 1989 musical 'Miss Saigon' returns to stages, one can't overlook the overt racism underscoring the "classic" yet outdated…

A series of blue and white screen printed workers uniforms, arranged like a shopfront display. They feature the writing '(DON'T) BE AN ARTIST' in a newsprint style.
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Are we missing an opportunity when we say ‘arts jobs are real jobs’?

Who are we leaving behind when we justify artist work on the system's terms? Are we missing an opportunity for…

contemporary artwork in venue carriageworks
Opinions & Analysis

Is the myth of 'sameness' unwarranted across the emerging artist landscape?

When it comes to the emerging artist landscape in Australia, how accurate is a perception of "sameness" or are we…

Two self-portraits of the artist sitting on chairs facing away from the viewer, all in a monochrome pinky-red. They are overlaid with semi-transparent writing which says "Is there a labour crisis in Australia today? Well that depends on what you mean by crisis".
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Artist burnout is not a mental health issue – it is a labour issue

Reframing burnout in labour terms would implicitly shift our approach to advocacy around artist well-being.

Factory chimneys belch smoke over a polluted industrial port.
Opinions & Analysis

‘Performing’ climate leadership

David Pledger has withdrawn his application to join the Australia Council for the Arts' Creative Climate Leadership program and explains…

Illustration with a person wearing a red hood standing against a smoky background with large blocks of red and grey. The atmosphere is dystopian.
Opinions & Analysis

Is fear around AI doing more harm than good?

Our anxiety is pitching artists against AI when collaboration and exploration are what's needed.

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