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The front facade of REDSEA Gallery in Margaret River, housed inside a century-old building. Photo: Supplied. A black shed-like building taken from the outside. Leading up into the space is a long ramp with shrubs at the front. Inside the space are paintings showing through the gallery windows on both sides.

A plethora of gallery activities

New galleries, reopenings and pop-ups, plus an Australian gallery to exhibit First Nations art in New York.

Red toned portrait of artist Pablo Picasso and Hannah Gadsby
Opinions & Analysis

Hannah Gadsby’s Picasso show is a victim of its hype

Alice Procter views Hannah Gadsby's Brooklyn Museum bomb.


Artist questions copycat chandeliers at Met Gala

Artist Willie Cole, whose works are currently being exhibited at The Met Museum, says he feels ‘ripped off’ by the…


A postcard from New York

ArtsHub Features Writer, Suzannah Conway, recaps on some of the best of New York’s arts and culture this winter.


New York’s Metropolitan Museum sued for deceptive entrance fees

A class-action lawsuit has been launched against New York’s Metropolitan Museum for its ‘deceptive’ admission policy.


Artist opens store that only stocks White Album

Artist Rutherford Chang has opened a record shop that only stocks The Beatles' ‘White Album’ and doesn’t sell any of…


Dali thief arrested in New York

The man behind one of the most bizarre art thefts of our time has been arrested for stealing a Salvador…


Punk fashion to be celebrated in New York

New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art is gearing up for a celebration of punk fashion.


Hurricane Sandy: New York's unwanted blockbuster

New York's arts and entertainment community is reeling from the effects of Hurricane Sandy.