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The Jungle Book Reimagined. Image is a group of actors on a stage with a backdrop lit blue. They are stretching and crouching, playing jungle animals.

Performance review: Jungle Book reimagined, Perth Festival

A dystopian-tinged dance interpretation of Kipling's classic work.

A woman stands on stage against a black backdrop wearing a short black and red tasselled costumer with long red gloves. She is laughing and grimacing and standing next to a sandwich board.

Performance review: Endhoe, FRINGE WORLD, WA

A comedic exploration of endometriosis, one of the world's most painful diseases.

Candide. A group of flamboyantly dressed 18th century figures gather around a bare chested central figure.

Theatre review: Candide, Palais Theatre

Operatic technique played second fiddle to a hilarious and hugely enjoyable production. 

Portent. A group of musicians and actors perform a ritual inspired by eclipses. Silhouettes of the audience are at the front of the shot.

Performance review: Portent (a ritual), Holmes à Court Gallery

A collaborative work spanning visual and performing arts inspired by solar eclipses.

overflow. A woman stands next to a basin in a graffitied club toilet. She is wearing a fishnet top and short black skirt and preening for the camera.

Performance review: Overflow, Arts Centre Melbourne

A discomforting but illuminating exploration of the trans and gender-diverse experience.

Marriage. A hazy photo of five young women on a couch with balloons and a disco ball.

Theatre review: Marriage, Midsumma Festival

How does the institution of marriage affect the queer community?

Saplings. Image is three young men on stage, one seated on the ground, two standing and looking down at him. They are all behind a large net-like curtain.

Theatre review: Saplings, Sydney Festival

Stories of young people in the youth justice system.

RENT: The Musical. Image is a diagonal shot of a line-up on stage of young men and women looking off to the left and singing.

Musical review: RENT: The Musical, QPAC

This latest iteration of Jonathan Larson's hit show will captivate a new generation of music theatre lovers.

The Inheritance. A group of men on a dimly lit stage, with two spotlit in the centre hugging.

Theatre review: The Inheritance, fortyfivedownstairs

A theatre marathon about the intergenerational relationships, romantic or otherwise, of a gay community in New York City. 

Dangerous Goods. Three black clad performers wear T shirts that say 'show up' and sing into microphones while spotlights shine down on them.

Performance review: Dangerous Goods, QPAC

A high-octane cabaret that includes circus, aerials, drag and burlesque.

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