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At the End of the Land. Image is a swirling blue haze with a black circle in the middle in which stands a woman with black top and shoulder length hair.

Performance Review: At the End of the Land, PICA Performance Space, WA

A non-linear and Lynchian solo performance, with visual and aural extravagances.

A Christmas Carol. Image is a darkened stage with an ensemble of Dickensian actors holding lanterns and Scrooge in a reddish dressing gown looking out through a door frame.

Performance review: A Christmas Carol, Comedy Theatre

'A Christmas Carol' returns after a triumphant run last year, this time with Owen Teale as Scrooge.


Great actors need great foundations

Chester Lenihan is living proof that pursuing a dream can lead to great things if you're willing to work.

Drama therapist Anne Gollan.
Career Advice

So you want my arts job: Drama Therapist

Drama therapist Anne Gollan creates safe environments for play and storytelling with both children and adults.

South Asian. Indian woman with red sari, gold jewellery and holding up a gold lined veil.

Shining a spotlight on South Asian Australian theatre

Why you should care about South Asian Australian theatre companies and their futures.

Gunasekera. Production still from ‘You're So Brave’. Photo: Rama Dolman. The image shows a female figure holding a microphone in the centre against a stage with red light and two projector panels on each side.

Patrick Gunasekera and Georgi Ivers: two artists and their journeys in crip time

Care can come in the form of time, patience, flexibility and community engagement in a world that still poses so…


Calling for theatre students with bold ideas

Do you have the passion and courage to be a changemaker? The VCA’s Master of Theatre courses are encouraging students…


New life breathed into HSC plays

ACA Company will stage new productions of The Female of the Species and The Shape of Things in September, and…

Career Advice

Changing the direction of your arts practice – when, why and how?

Three artists at different career stages speak on what it means to change the direction of their arts practice.


The Removalists is more than an HSC text brought to life, says ACA alum

ACA Company will stage four Australian dramas in 2023 aimed at HSC students, free for teachers, and open to the…

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